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Trump ‘Lost The Election’, And BLM Appears To Be A Nuisance Rather Than A Boon Now


Trump 'Lost The Election', And BLM Appears To Be A Nuisance Rather Than A Boon Now

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The situation in the US, which was stoked heavily by the Democratic party in order to fight US President Donald Trump, continues to be chaotic.

The chaos that the Democrats heavily influenced is still out of control, and they’re evidently struggling to contain it.

In Portland, Oregon, Mayor Mayor Ted Wheeler expressed a desire to enforce stricter penalties on repeat offenders who commit violent acts and vandalize property, following a spree of New Year’s Eve rioting and looting.

In a press conference on January 1st, Wheeler attributed the rioting on New Year’s Eve to “violent antifa and anarchists” who broke windows, spray-painted, and caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Wheeler said he was working with District Attorney Mike Schmidt to hold those involved accountable for their actions, saying that his office was looking to prosecute those involved in rioting. He

Prior to US President-elect Joe Biden winning the election, these rioters were fighting for the wellbeing of all of humanity, and democracy and equal rights, but when Trump lost the elections, they became a sort of nuisance and they need to be dealt with.

The issue is that they were taught that they could loot and riot without repercussion.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler laid out three points that he believes will help put an end to violent actions that had affected the city.

The first point is having law enforcement partners at all levels “convene with me to develop clear plans to address anarchist violence” in Portland and throughout Oregon.

The mayor’s second point called on the legislature to “increase penalties for people who repeatedly engage in criminal destruction and vandalism to ensure that they can be held accountable for the cumulative impact of their illegal actions.”

Wheeler’s final point called for public service to be required of those involved in damaging businesses and show the damages that had been caused by their actions.

“I believe people convicted of criminal destruction should be required to meet with the employees and owners of the businesses that they damage. These people need to hear and understand the social and human consequences of their irresponsible actions,” he said.

He said that there was still hope for these “young-ish men”.

“Despite everything that I’ve seen over the last year, I still believe in redemption. These young-ish men can find a better path. I believe that they can lend their hands working with, rather than against our community,” he said.

To show that Democrats have largely lost control of the situation: Black Lives Matter co-founder and principal of the Black Futures Lab Alicia Garza rebuked Democrats’ attacks on the push to “defund the police.”

“This movement, which really helped to push [Biden’s] campaign over the finish line, was used as a political football all throughout this election cycle and that was true in 2016 as well,” Garza said in an interview for POLITICO’s Women Rule Capstone event. “There’s a lot of valuable airspace that was used to be condescending to the very people who have opened the imagination of what this country can be — and how we can get closer to the promise that this country has offered to so many.”

Garza said she wants Congress and the Biden-Harris administration to make policy changes addressing police brutality and police accountability. She endorsed The BREATHE Act, a four-part legislative proposal drafted by Black Lives Matter activists, which calls for divestment from law enforcement agencies and investment in communities of color.

It’s “more than unfortunate,” Garza said, that women, people of color, the disabled and members of the LGBTQ community have been underrepresented in political spheres.

“It is their experiences that help us shape what the best solutions are,” Garza said. “It’s really a missed opportunity for this administration to not be looking at this in that way. And it’s a missed opportunity to really mark a concrete shift from what we’re coming out of with the Trump administration.”

“There are not enough of us looking at how we legislate — how we make the rules, how we shape the rules, how we change the rules of not just policy but of our society and our culture,” Garza explained. “And how we do so in a way that doesn’t just rely on symbols but relies on substance.”

After all, Black Lives Matter played a heavy role in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being elected, and now want their “due reward.”

Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, sent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a letter shortly after the election, requesting a meeting.

She argued, “Without the resounding support of Black people, we would be saddled with a very different electoral outcome. In short, Black people won this election.”

In return, she wrote, “We want something for our vote.”

She has not heard back from the incoming administration.

It is likely that even if there is a response, they won’t like it.

Separately, a young adult author has been ‘canceled’ after she defended the writers of The Scarlett Letter and other classic novels on Twitter.

Trump 'Lost The Election', And BLM Appears To Be A Nuisance Rather Than A Boon Now

Click to see full-size image

Trump 'Lost The Election', And BLM Appears To Be A Nuisance Rather Than A Boon Now

Click to see full-size image

Trump 'Lost The Election', And BLM Appears To Be A Nuisance Rather Than A Boon Now

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Trump 'Lost The Election', And BLM Appears To Be A Nuisance Rather Than A Boon Now

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Trump 'Lost The Election', And BLM Appears To Be A Nuisance Rather Than A Boon Now

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Trump 'Lost The Election', And BLM Appears To Be A Nuisance Rather Than A Boon Now

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The incident occurred when “antiracist and anti-bias educator Lorena Germán” wrote a tweet on November 30 calling for more diversity among books that are taught in schools.

In response, Jessica Cluess, who wrote the Kingdom of Fire series, called Germán an ‘idiot’ and said authors such as Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote works criticizing the very societies in which their novels took place.

Germán is best known for being one of the founders of the #DisruptTexts hashtag and website.

“If you think Hawthorne was on the side of the judgmental Puritans in The Scarlet Letter then you are an absolute idiot and should not have the title of educator in your bio,” Cluess wrote.

“If you think Upton Sinclair was on the side of the meat packing industry then you are a fool and should sit down and feel bad about yourself.”

This in reference to Sinclair’s novel The Jungle, which portrayed the poor working conditions of immigrants in the US.

Cluess continued:

“Ah yes, remember Their Eyes Were Watching God, and other literature of the extraordinary Harlem Renaissance? I guess not. D**k.”

This anti-intellectual, anti-curiosity bulls**t is poison and I will stand here and scream that it is sheer godd**n evil until my hair falls out. I do not care.”

Germán saw the tweets and responded to them.

“What’s interesting to me is how I present a position on an academic point, and yet this 55%er decides to attack me personally over and over again. Sounds like I struck a confederate nerve,” she wrote.

Cluess was then dropped by her publisher Random House. She even issued an official, formal apology.

Her agent, Brooks Sherman, claimed that Cluess’ remarks were “racist and unacceptable.”

It is noteworthy that none of her tweets contained any sort of racist sentiment, whatsoever, but she was canceled and called that, for claiming that simply acting like a shameful past (that was even condemned by the writers that lived in that era) could simply be erased and never mentioned.



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