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Nine civilians martyred in terrorist attack against fuel tankers, buses on Ethrayia-Salamyieh Road

Hama, SANA- Nine civilians were martyred and four others were injured in an attack launched by terrorist organizations against fuel tankers and a number of tourist buses on the road of Ethrayia-Salamyieh.

Hama Governor Mohammad Tareq Kreashati, in a phone call with the Syrian TV Channel last night, said that at 9:30 p.m., terrorist organizations targeted the innocent civilians on the road of Ethrayia-Salamyieh as they attacked a convoy of fuel tankers and three tourist Pullmans for transporting passengers.

Kreashati added that the preliminary toll for the victims of the terrorist attack is nine martyrs and four wounded civilians, noting that with the help of the Syrian Arab Army units, the rest of the passengers were transported to a safe area and the injured were rushed to Salamyieh Hospital. alt

Earlier SANA’s reporter said that six civilians were martyred in a terrorist attack that targeted a bus near Wadi al-Azib area in Salamyieh region in Hama Countryside, adding that their bodies were transported to Salamyieh National Hospital.

Terrorist cells from the remnants of Daesh “ISIS” terrorist organization spread in some areas in al-Badia “semi-desert” region, and they are backed by the US occupation forces which occupy the area of al-Tanf near the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian borders, and they launch terrorist operations in the areas which are adjacent to al-Badia region, particularly on the roads and the residential compounds.

On December 30th, 25 citizens were martyred and 13 others were injured in a terrorist attack that targeted their bus on Kabajib area on the road between Deir Ezzor and Palmyra.

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