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Nasty Surprise: Terrorist ISIS Cells Plant Booby-Trapped Flags (Video)


ISIS cells in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region have used their infamous banner, the Black Standard [Rayat al-Uqab], as a lure to ambush security forces.

According to Iraqi media reports, the terrorists raised their banner on a hilltop near the town Kani Spika, east of the city of Sulaymaniyah. The banner was attached to an improvised explosive device (IED) buried underground.

The IED blew up on January 2 when members of Kurdish security forces removed the banner. Two personnel were injured.

“It is not clear to us yet whether this is a terrorist activity that aims to cause fear and anxiety among the citizens of the district,” District Commissioner Syed Sadiq Diyari Rafiq told NAS News. “The health of the wounded is stable and they are currently under medical care.”

The Zhyan media agency shared a video showing the IED exploding right when the banner was removed by an Asayish member.

ISIS terrorists used many tricks to ambush their enemies before. However, this is the first documented case showing the usage of their own flag as a lure.

The terrorist group’s cells are not that active in the Kurdistan Region. The Kani Spika attack may sign that the group is planning to escalate its operations in the region.



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