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Drama In Al-Qaeda’s Safe Haven: U.S. Drone Strike Hits Vehicle In Greater Idlib (Photos)


On December 30, a U.S. drone strike hit the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, where a number of terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda are active.

The strike targeted a mini truck that was passing on a road between the towns of Salqin and Isqat in northern Idlib. The two towns are located a few kilometers away from the border line with Turkey.

Photos from the strike scene show what appears to be the remains of an AGM-114R9X missile. Dubbed “Ninja Bomb”, the missile is a Hellfire variant armed with a kinetic warhead with pop-out blades, meant to reduce collateral damage. Deployed in secret since 2017, with existence revealed in 2019.

The laser-guided missile missed its target. The White Helmets said one person was injured as a result of the strike. The identity of the said individual was not revealed.

U.S. drones have been hunting jihadists in Greater Idlib for a while now. In the last two years, many senior leaders of al-Qaeda were killed in drone strikes, most of them carried out with the state-of-the-art AGM-114R9X.

The U.S. is, however, ignoring Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the largest al-Qaeda faction and the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib. Many of those being killed are in fact inner enemies of the faction and its terrorist leader, Abu Mohamad al-Julani.



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