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One Police Officer, Two Attackers Killed In Knife Attack In Chechnya’s Grozny

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One Police Officer, Two Attackers Killed In Knife Attack In Chechnya's Grozny

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On December 28th, three individuals – two attackers and a police officer died in Grozny, the capital of Russia’s Republic of Chechnya.

The incident took place during the afternoon when two unidentified assailants attacked the police patrolmen with knives near the intersection of Putin Avenue, and Ulitsa Mira in the city center; the officers responded by opening fire on the attackers, killing both. One of the police officers was also killed in the altercation, while the other sustained moderate injuries.

This was confirmed by Chechnya’s head, Ramzan Kadyrov.

He clarified that the attackers wanted to take away the weapons from the police.

One Police Officer, Two Attackers Killed In Knife Attack In Chechnya's Grozny

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One Police Officer, Two Attackers Killed In Knife Attack In Chechnya's Grozny

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“A policeman was killed. The attackers were killed by the return fire of the fighters. One law enforcement officer was also injured. His condition is stable. There are no casualties or injuries among the civilian population,” Kadyrov wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to the head of the republic, the identity of the bandits is known: these are two brothers, natives of Ingushetia, who in 2012 moved to Chechnya “and worked in one of the bakeries.”

Kadyrov expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the deceased law enforcement officer.

According to him, the attackers are “jerks without an idea and conscience who have not seen the war.”

The investigation opened a criminal case on the encroachment on the life of police after the attack of two unknown persons with knives on the police officers in Grozny, an official representative of the regional department of the Investigative Committee told RIA Novosti.

“The investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic have opened a criminal case on the fact of encroachment on the life of law enforcement officers (Article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation),” the regional IC reported.

“At present, the investigation is establishing the identity of the attackers and all the circumstances of the crime,” the report said.

This is likely not a terrorist attack specifically, but efforts by the FSB and other Russian authorities to counter any radicalism are constantly on-going.

On December 15th, Ramzan Kadyrov on his Telegram channel reported  details of a special anti-terrorism operation in the republic.

“In the course of a successfully carried out counter-terrorist special operation in the Achkhoy-Martan region, a member of illegal armed groups Kazbek Baidulaev was destroyed. There were no casualties on the part of law enforcement officers. They, as always, worked as professionally and harmoniously as possible.”

The head of the republic clarified that there were no accomplices with Baidulaev, the situation was calm, no restrictions were introduced.

Kadyrov also stressed that the regional authorities have all the information about what is happening in Chechnya, know how many people are on the wanted list, and have an exhaustive database of militants’ accomplices.



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