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Turkish Bayraktar Announced New Concept Of Future-Generation Drone


Turkish Bayraktar Announced New Concept Of Future-Generation Drone

Chief Technology Officer of Baykar Makina Selcuk Bayraktar

On December 22, Chief Technology Officer of Baykar Makina Selcuk Bayraktar spoke about high technologies and innovations at the InnoWeek World Net Summit that took place in Azerbaijan. Giving a speech about the important role of drones in the development of the startup ecosystem, including the national military-industrial movement, he presented a concept of the National Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (MIUS).

Currently MIUS System is under development by Baykar Makina. The first flight of MIUS turbojet drone prototype is scheduled for 2023.

“Fifth-generation warplanes are being developed all around the world, they are manned warplanes and it is said that after the fifth generation, unmanned warplanes will begin their duty. Our concept studies too had started long ago, but after we did AKINCI, we started to work on our unmanned warplane, which will be the future combat aircraft.” – Bayraktar said.

While the features of the new system are kept in secret, Bayraktar unveiled its main characteristics:

  • an operational altitude of 40,000 feet;

  • 4-5 hours of flight time;

  • approximately 3.5 tons of take-off weight;

  • 1-ton ammunition capacity;

  • turbofan propulsion system;

  • 0.8 Mach cruise speed;

  • ATCOM Data Network that means satellite communication capability.

MIUS  will be constructed to carry out strategic attacks, close air support, suppression/destruction of enemy air defence systems, and missile attack missions.

Turkish Bayraktar Announced New Concept Of Future-Generation Drone

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – SEPTEMBER 17: Bayraktar Akinci Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TIHA), ANADOLU AGENCY VIA GETTY IMAGES

To date, the most sophisticated drone built by Turkey is the Bayraktar Akinci. Its preliminary design phase was completed in June 2019. In August 2019, Akinci started engine ground run with a Ukrainian turboprop engine. Dubbed “the flying fish,” it operates with two turbine engines and can carry nearly 1.5 tons in useful load: 900 kilograms external and 450 kilograms internal. The drone can be controlled via domestically developed satellites.

Baykar Makina is leading Turkish UAV developer. The company engages in engineering operations, software, communication systems and design of air vehicles with the contribution of public and private sector players. Its UAVs are manufactured at the facility in Istanbul.

In recent years, the Turkish defense industry has shown its big potential in the field of UAVs. Several samples of different classes were created, put into service and brought to the international market. For example, Turkish Bayraktar TB2 have been actively used by Azerbaijan during the Nagorno-Karabakh war and in some way assured its victory.



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