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The Future Is Now: DeepFake Queen Elizabeth II To Send Christmas Message, Carry Out TikTok Dance


The Future Is Now: DeepFake Queen Elizabeth II To Send Christmas Message, Carry Out TikTok Dance

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On Christmas Day, citizens of the UK will have the questionable honor of receiving their “alternative Christmas message” by a deepfake of Queen Elizabeth II.

The five-minute message will refer to a number of controversial topics, including the decision by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to leave the UK.

It will also allude to the Duke of York’s decision to step down from royal duties earlier this year after an interview he gave to the BBC about his relationship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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As can be seen, and that is simply a hype video, the deepfake Queen will also try to carry out a TikTok dance challenge.

The BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell was not impressed:

“There have been countless imitations of the Queen. This isn’t a particularly good one.

The voice sounds what it is – a rather poor attempt to impersonate her. What makes it troubling is the use of video technology to attempt to sync her lips to the words being spoken.”

Channel 4 said the intention was to give a “stark warning” about fake news in the digital age.

Deepfake technology can be used to create convincing yet entirely fictional video content, and is often used to spread misinformation.

The advent of deepfakes is obvious.

Earlier in 2020, Microsoft unveiled a tool that can spot deepfakes.

The firm said it hoped to help combat disinformation, but experts warned it was at risk of becoming outdated due to advances in technology.

Nina Schick, author of Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse said that there was growing concern about the other malicious ways deepfake technology could be used.

“While it offers tremendous commercial and creative opportunities, transforming entire industries from entertainment to communication, it is also a technology that will be weaponised.

“Used maliciously, AI-generated synthetic media, or deepfakes, are sophisticated forms of visual disinformation.”

It also entirely removes the necessity for politicians to actually appear in person, all of their statements, and fake statements can be made via deepfakes. This raises the question as to what exactly can be trusted?

For example, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan who’s had continuing protests against him, demanding his resignation, could continue leading the country with deepfakes of himself through Facebook, while sitting at a beach.

The advent of deepfakes entirely removes the necessity of political figures appearing in person, even on video. They carry out their campaign, maybe appear in person at several spots, then while getting paid by the taxpayer money could potentially roam around the world, and be in a perpetual state of vacation, while a deepfake of theirs makes statements and the decision-making process is then entirely shifted to their aides.



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