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Why Is Knowledge of Human Rights So Important?



Why Is Knowledge of Human Rights So Important?

The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva

While you gain some knowledge just to broaden your horizons and become intelligent, others, like knowing of human rights, are of crucial importance.

If you look at humankind’s history, you will see that equality hasn’t been a top priority. Many people believed that they were better than others just because they had been born with another skin color or because their families had a higher status in society. Such an attitude from one side and the lack of the required knowledge from the other side resulted in the development of slavery and repressions. However, such a situation couldn’t exist forever. People overcame their fears. They went on the warpath and won at the expense of great losses. And even though the times have changed, the situation is pretty the same. Some people continue to believe that they deserve much more than others. They expect that someone will write my paper for cheap, even though it requires sound knowledge and much time. And if you neither understand your rights nor value your expertise, you can agree on less than you deserve. Slavery was left in the past, but is it really so? And what knowing of human rights can give you?

HRs ensure your basic needs are met

All people are born equal, especially when it comes to getting access to basic needs like medical assistance, clean water, and enough food, clothes, and accommodation. Unfortunately, you can run into millions of people who are deprived of such necessities. However, when you include these points into the list of human rights, it allows special organizations and advocates to ensure those for everyone. When people understand that they are equal in their rights and there are no “more worthy” nations, they will stop wars.

HRs protect you from abuse

When you realize your worthiness, you understand how others should treat you and how you should behave towards them. The Declaration of Human Rights has been designed greatly due to the Holocaust and the scourge of World War II. It was dark times in human history when the most disadvantaged segments of the population came under attack along with the Jewish. Thus, human rights are designed to protect the most disadvantaged people from abuse on the part of bureaucrats.

HRs allow people to confront corrupt practices

The more people adhere to human rights principles, the more they openly talk about abuse and corrupt acts when they face them. You will hardly find a perfect society that will not want to use power and get some benefits; that’s why the right of assembly is of key importance. When you know human rights, you know that you deserve decent treatment on the part of society, whether it’s about some authorities, workplace, or college. You should strive for them everywhere.

HRs facilitate freedom of speech and expression

Every person should know that they can freely express their opinion without fear of reprisals. Nobody can agree or share your views, but you shouldn’t feel like it is better to keep silent not to find yourself in trouble. They protect individuals who have unpopular opinions and want to argue with some common statements.

 HRs guarantee the freedom of religion 

People are especially passionate about certain things, and religion takes the top position on the list. Even though we live in a progressive society, people continue to demonstrate violence towards those who don’t share their beliefs. Besides, some of them justify their terrorist activities in the name of religion. And it is when human rights accept any position and religious beliefs, so you have a right to practice any religion or none if you don’t feel like you want to do that.

HRs allow you love anyone

Even though someone may say that it is not the most important thing in life, you shouldn’t understate this aspect. One way or another, but relationships play a crucial role in any person’s life, and they have the right to choose a partner and decide who they want to be with, without regard for gender, age, etc. If you look at the states where people don’t accept this point, you will see the harassment of LGBT people and slave attitudes towards women who are forced into unwanted marriages.

HRs facilitate equal work development prospects 

Every person can work and earn their living on equal footing with others. Nowadays, the situation is still tense in different fields where people are prone to sexism and ignorance of women’s capabilities. Thus, unfortunately, many people face abuse and insufficient opportunities at their working places. And the concept of human rights is intended to handle this issue and guarantee the equal treatment of all the employees.

HRs allow people to study

A literate person understands their rights and obligations much better, so education is of key importance, especially for societies with a high poverty level. Many companies and activists concerned with this issue do their best to provide access to studying and help people escape poverty’s vicious circle. Treating education as the right means that every person, regardless of their origin, can become literate.

HRs make governments controllable

The release of the declaration had twin objectives. Firstly, it should become a guide for the future. Secondly, it should become a reminder that human rights were infringed on a vast scale during the Second World War. Thus, having a standard for the definition of human rights, governments become responsible for their activities. All the precedents you can find in humanity’s history make knowledge of human rights crucial.


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