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Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 19 Dec 2020

Saturday, 19 December 2020 - 20:18


1- Ghazni
– Due to explosion of a car near a religious gathering in Gilan district, more than 15 martyred and 20 wounded. Above image.
– 30 Taliban militants killed and 10 injured in conflict with security forces in recent days and Afghan airforce air raids.

2- Uruzgan
Taliban occupied Dehrawud district. Security forces were forced to retreat after several days of heavy conflicts.

3- Qandahar
– American warplanes bombed Taliban positions in Arghandab district.
– Afghan army and Taliban district in west of Qandahar.

4- Daykundi
Afghan airforce bombed Taliban positions in Gizab district.

5- Kabul
Due to explosion of a magnet mine in six district of Kabul, three killed and five wounded.

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