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Granting licenses to 106 tourism facilities in Damascus and Hama with a cost of SYP 30 billion

Damascus, SANA- The Ministry of Tourism, through its directorates in Damascus and Hama, has granted licenses to 106 tourism facilities in the two aforementioned provinces with an investment value of SYP 30 billion.

The ministry stated in a statement that Damascus Tourism Directorate has granted 89 tourism qualification licenses to facilities in the province of two and three stars, with an investment value of approximately SYP 24 billion.

The ministry indicated that the capacity of the aforementioned facilities is 6,728 dining chairs and 169 hotel beds, and they provide many job opportunities for graduates of the tourism sector.

The Ministry has also granted, through Hama Tourism Directorate, 17 qualifications, employment and building licenses to tourist facilities of different levels at a total cost of SYP 6 billion and a total capacity of 97 hotel beds and 1,600 chairs, and these facilities provide 650 job opportunities.

During the past two months, the tourism directorates in Tartous, Sweida and Daraa provinces have granted a number of licenses to tourist facilities in the aforementioned provinces that would secure many job opportunities.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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