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New Details On Brazen Assassination In Iran: Top Nuclear Scientist Was Killed By Remotely-Controlled


On November 29, the Fars News Agency shared new details on the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist.

The as assassination, which took place on November 26, shock Iran. The Islamic country’s senior officials believe that the Israeli intelligence was behind the well-planned attack.

According to the Fras News Agency, on the day of the attack Fakhrizadeh and his wife were on their way to spend the weekend at their house in a Tehran suburb. They were escorted by three security cars. Midway, the leading car left the motorcade to do a preliminary security check of the house.

Soon after the car left, shots were fired at Fakhrizadeh’s car, which stopped. The victim stepped out to checkout his car thinking that he hit an object or that there was a problem with the engine

Once Fakhrizadeh was out of his car, he was targeted by a remotely-controlled machine gun that was installed in the trunk of a Nisan pickup 150 meters away. Fakhrizadeh, who was hit by three bullets, was transported to a hospital by helicopter. However, he surrendered to his wounds soon after.

New Details On Brazen Assassination In Iran: Top Nuclear Scientist Was Killed By Remotely-Controlled Machine Gun

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The scientist’s bodyguard was also injured in by the remotely-controlled machine gun fire. Later, the Nisan pick up and the gun blew up in what appears to be a self-destruction.

The Fars News Agency said the entire attack lasted for three minutes only. No gunmen took part in the assassination, according to the agency’s reprot.

Iranian security forces identified the owner of the pickup that was used in the assassination. He left Iran on October 29, according to Fars News.

The as assassination of Fakhrizadeh, who was closely guarded, was well thought out. The assailants implemented a set of advanced tactics and technologies to successfully defeat Iran’s strict security measures.

Iran’s top officials vowed to respond to the assassination of the nuclear scientist. Tehran always keeps its promises. However, the side responsible for the attack is yet to be named by the country’s authorities. The investigation is still ongoing.



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