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Pashinyan Addresses The Nation, Says He Won’t Resign, Blames Opposition And “External” Forces For Ch


Pashinyan Addresses The Nation, Says He Won't Resign, Blames Opposition And "External" Forces For Chaos

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On November 27th, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made an address to the nation.

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He didn’t resign, and he continued blaming various forces inside and outside Armenia for the loss in Nagorno-Karabakh and the chaos inside the country.

“I appeal to you again because, especially in these difficult days, it is very important to preserve our national pride and our national dignity, because pride and dignity are very easy to maintain when it is not under attack, when nothing threatens it, but it is more important to persevere when dignity and pride have come under many blows.”

He said that the government would not resign, and he would not give up power. But that is not because it should be considered a “clinging to power” but rather because there are external and internal forces that allegedly wish to make it seem like there is anarchy inside of Armenia and that needs to be stopped.

“I want to say clearly and unequivocally that we will not allow this, not because we cling to power, but because the people do not want it, the proud citizen of the Republic of Armenia, whose pride, yes, is bruised, but not destroyed, whose dignity, yes, is damaged, but not dead.”

He underlined that following the signing of the peace deal what is currently happening in Nagorno-Karabakh follows the decisions to the letter.

“Continuing my thought, I want to emphasize that what is happening these days is the process of implementing the November 9 announcement. And that process, please pay attention, also implies that in Gegharkunik region, in particular, the Armenian Armed Forces should be located on the state border of the Republic of Armenia, the border that we know as the border of Soviet Armenia, I am talking now, specifically in the part of Kalbajar. Moreover, this limit is determined not by an eye gauge, but by GPS coordinates.”

He spoke of the Sotk mine and that “they” want the war to move to Armenia and are causing issues related to everything that takes place.

“And as it was clarified, the Sotk mine was partly located in the territory of Soviet Armenia, partly in the territory of Soviet Azerbaijan. In general, the demarcation is a rather complicated process and, whether we like it or not, it must take place not only with the participation of Russian peacekeepers, but also with the representatives of Azerbaijan.

And every time this work causes panic, misinformation and a sense of chaos in the society, it is done for one purpose.

They want, I repeat, to move the war to Armenia, because they are used to coming to power with blood and holding power with blood.

But I repeat, we will not allow this, the people will not allow this. And I also want to emphasize that the law enforcement bodies of Armenia are in full control of the situation, and the law enforcement bodies will not allow this.

And I would also like to thank the law enforcement officers for their work during this time. We are talking about the National Security Service, the Police, the State Security Service, the Investigative Bodies, the Prosecutor’s Office.”

He said that the government was doing everything it had to, to protect the Armenian people’s interests.

Then he moved on to state propaganda and said that all claims that misinformation was spread about how the war was mismanaged were false.

“There is a lot of talk these days about the people losing trust in the official media, and the justification is that the government and I allegedly passed false information to the public during the war.

The reality, however, is completely different. In all my speeches at the beginning and during the war, I have said practically everything about the war, I have said a little differently, in ways and means specific to the war, I have said so that what is said does not give the enemy so much information that may be inadmissible and threaten our security.”

He then played the victim, saying that he did everything he could, and his family too, and it wasn’t right to protest against him.

“But this is not the essence of what I have to say, the essence of what I have to say is that during the whole war the truth was told to the people, it was told according to the rules specific to the war. It was said with faith and purpose to break the situation every minute, and for that we must cherish the fighting spirit and even declare defeats in such a way that it does not break the fighting soldier, the soldier I was talking about, who are invincible until the last moment. keep their position, their line.”

He concluded with a story about peace, how it was important to preserve it, and also not lose focus of retaining stability in Armenia, and to that end there is no way he could resign, after all he brings democracy to Armenia.

Mostly by persecuting the opposition for protesting.

“The important goal today is to preserve the peace that has been achieved, to make it lasting, and if we can make it permanent, much better. Today, the important goal is to ensure stability and security around Armenia and Artsakh, to ensure the security of Artsakh. Ensuring the smooth and safe operation of the Lachin corridor, ensuring the conditions for the return of the people of Artsakh, restoring Artsakh and Armenia, the affected regions.

And for this it is necessary, I repeat, it is necessary to implement the November 9 agreements. These arrangements also include the exchange of bodies of prisoners and victims. From these agreements comes the intensification of the search for the missing, which is a very important issue for all of us, and here every hour, every minute can be fatal. I have met with hundreds of relatives of the missing and captured soldiers these days. Listen to all their demands and complaints. They are right and we must act quickly, but I repeat, unfortunately, it depends not only on us. It depends not only on us.”



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