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Sublime status of woman in ancient east within event “Syria, heart of civilization”

Homs, SANA- The women’s sublime status in the ancient East and the glorification of the female in the religious beliefs of the old eras was addressed by the activity of Syria, the heart of civilization, organized by Mada cultural team in cooperation with the Directorate of Culture of Homs.

The event dealt with the noble status of women from the stone ages to the eras of urban formation and before it in the 8th millennium BC.alt

Lectures in the event clarified that women in the ancient East established stability and urbanization as they had the primary role in discovering agriculture, which, in itself, is a stepping stone towards stability and urbanization.

The lecturers showed some examples of the so-called mother goddess and sculptures, in which they are embodied as a symbol of fertility and giving while she was baptized as a goddess in some societies, while she became a priestess and queen in many other civilizations.

Examples of cuneiform, Aramaic and Phoenician texts that talked about the position of women and their role in all life and the various positions they occupied were touched upon during the event.

The lecturers concluded by referring to the sculpture of the goddess of the spring, which dates back to the 3rd millennium BC, that was found in Aleppo countryside, with the entire length, the jar and its crown above the head.

Nisreen Othman / GH.A.Hassoun

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