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Putin's article on the causes of the Second world war haunts the Western press

The article of President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the causes of the Second world war still haunts the Western press. Indeed, in his article, the Russian head of state recalled a very uncomfortable and unpleasant for the West, including the United States, points. Inconvenient facts have to comment in the press of Poland, Germany, USA, Baltic republics.

Putin's article in the war to blame the West

In his article, Putin criticized the system of interwar diplomacy, based on the dominance in the Western international politics of the victorious powers, especially great Britain and France. Although the idea of collective security and the League of Nations was positive, but in practice the West has ignored the appeals of the Soviet Union on the signing of the covenants on Eastern Europe and the Pacific.

As Putin said, the League of Nations had ignored the aggressive actions of Italy against Ethiopia, Japan against China, civil war in Spain, Anschluss of Austria, and finally Munich agreement, the consequence of which was the division of Czechoslovakia.

It is worth noting that the very history of the Munich agreement the West is a painful subject, as well shows you how and actually set the stage for Hitler's aggression in Eastern Europe. Western powers shamelessly gave Hitler at the mercy of little Czechoslovakia, and in the partition of Czechoslovakia actively participated and Poland, which a year later became a victim of aggression of Nazi Germany and is now trying to present themselves the most affected during the Second world war the country. Meanwhile, the Western powers in 1938, there were all the possibilities in order to stop the division of Czechoslovakia, especially if they would have acted jointly with the Soviet Union.

Nazi Germany did not yet possess the resources to start a war on two fronts. But for the West while a much more important goal was to direct Hitler to the East against the Soviet Union, and for such purpose the United Kingdom and France were willing to sacrifice "Czechoslovak democracy", Austria and anything. Of course, now to talk about this behavior is very inconvenient, as soon as there is a lot of questions to the Western countries and also to Poland, which at the beginning of the Second world war, blames not only Germany but also the Soviet Union.

Why the West benefits from the revision of the Second world war

If you think about it, Vladimir Putin is absolutely right when stopping on the role of the West in provoking the Second world war. The discourse on revision of results of war popular in the West because the Western powers want to step down from the moral responsibility which rests on them after the Munich agreement, and to present "alternative", but really just about the history of the events of 80 years ago, which equated Stalinism with Nazism, and between the USSR and Germany and the equal sign.

After such a "dehumanization" of the Soviet Union and Russia is no longer seen as a state having "exclusive rights" for the victory over Germany. Accordingly, the only and true winner of fascism begins to be seen only the Western world, which include, as if in mockery of common sense, even to those countries that assisted Hitler.

Especially funny looks, when Poland invited the representatives of Germany at a gala event, and invites the Russian side, and no one in the West is not surprised by such a strange choice for Washington, London, Brussels, importantly in the current political interests for the sake of which it is possible not only to distort some facts, but also to rewrite the history of the twentieth century.

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