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The defense Ministry will receive new reconnaissance drone

Минобороны получит новый разведывательный беспилотник

The Ministry of defence may obtain to adopt a new multifunction UAV helicopter type. As follows from the materials of the contest "aircraft Builder of the year" in the near future is expected to contract for its supply in the armed forces.

Reportedly, the new type UAV helicopter, named "rook", created by specialists of Arzamas instrument-making design Bureau (JSC "APKB", a subsidiary of APL) under the supervision of the Voronezh air force Academy (VVA). UAV created by the classical scheme of the helicopter with single main and tail tail screws. The petrol engine.

In the near future after testing the assignment of the letter "O" and the conclusion of the state contract with the Ministry of defence for the supply of first multipurpose helicopters in the framework of the state defense order

- stated in the message.

It is claimed that this drone can be used both as reconnaissance and as a transport truck. Its own mass is 100 kg, he can lift a load weighing up to 40 kg and deliver it to a distance of 400 km.

The previous version of the drone UAV W "rook" was shown at the international military-technical forum "Army-2018". The drone could deliver a 50 kg payload to 300 km altitude is called 3.5 km, speed - 160 km/h, the residence time in the air 6 hours. Since then, the UAV has been upgraded: the reduced weight of the vehicle and the payload to increase the range and flight time. Also, the designers have improved the form finder to the helicopter is more maneuverable and resistant to wind.

Currently, developers are preparing for the testing and licensing of drones in accordance with the Air code of the Russian Federation.

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