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Vladimir Putin has called for the implementation of the may decrees

Ended meeting on the Federal budget well next year and the planning period until 2023. Meeting in the videoconference was held under the chairmanship of the President of Russia in the format. The President began by mentioning the economic problems faced by Russia in connection with the pandemic. At the same time Vladimir Putin said that the coronavirus "froze the entire global economy".

Speaking about the fall of Russia's GDP, President Putin announced that in April it fell by 12% in may to 10.9%.

According to Vladimir Putin, the volume of support for families over the past period our country was unprecedented.


I know the numbers in other countries, is perfectly aware of this report. We always compare our actions with those of our partners, neighbors, our friends. But, I can say that I have just mentioned, a point we have largely got where he wanted.

According to the President, the measures taken have helped to mitigate the severity of the crisis. Vladimir Putin noted that consumer spending in June-July has grown in comparison with pre-crisis Feb of 3.8%. The pre-crisis level, as stated by the President, has raised the electricity consumption in the country.

The main challenge for the economy today, according to the head of state, is the restoration of pre-crisis indicators of the labour market.

During the meeting, Vladimir Putin has reminded the country's existing plans and programmes. In particular, we are talking about the so-called may decrees of the President (2012).

The head of state, addressing the participants of the meeting:

Those of our previous plans in vital sectors should not just be meant — you need to be (...) Decisions about which I said, don't just have to be somewhere we there are fixed and forgotten in connection with the problems that have occurred, these decisions should be executed.

As an example, Putin cited the may decree about maintaining the level of military pay at a level that was not below the level of remuneration of employees in leading economic sectors.
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