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Furgal as a new unit of the Russian reality

So, I think it's time to introduce a new unit of measurement – Furgal. Some measure of the usefulness of a person on a post in relation to how the person refers to the power.

To Furgala, a former (hopefully temporarily) the Governor of the Khabarovsk territory, the Federal government obviously is the most negative. This is evident even in the way for his subordinate "fought" the head of LDPR Zhirinovsky. But a couple of hot air – nothing. But when the people came out in defense of the Governor, the head of the liberal democratic party quickly rushed to justify that, the rallies, the party has no relation.

Of course, right. For such things and membership card on the table can be put. In our case, the certificate of the Deputy of the state Duma. And farewell to the well-fed and relaxed life... There is nothing to worry about.

Why it came out like that?

Very carefully read in what you write on the far Eastern forums (well, not to watch TV in the end?), I realized one thing: all the fuss over the fact that bumblebee Furgal rebelled against honey. Bees are concerned. It was with something.

The main problem Furgala that started to work. And the work is not as common officials in General and governors in particular. He encroached on the most sacred thing a official: his comfort.

Here in the list, which I bring forth, lies the answer to why Moscow was so hasty decided to remove the punish-plant, and the channel went to the streets.

Not sanctioned, without any encroachments by the same Dark Lord N and cookies from all European human rights organizations. Walked out of there. And will come out more and more.

In order to answer this question, you just have to familiarize myself with what I managed to bloat in two years, the Governor Furgal:

— cut two times supplements to pensions of provincial officials and members, the Chairman of the regional Duma and the Governor.... That is their own. It's just 9 million rubles, Furgal promised to send to the social security Fund. 9 million. However;

— reduced salary... the Governor! That is, again, yourself. Twice. From 800 to 400 thousand;

— banned members of the regional government to buy tickets to travel business class — only economy. An exception was made for the first three deputies;

— made a major change in the regional housing programme for young families. Edge pay extra 35% for housing for young families. There was a queue, as all the young need housing. Who had not time to receive benefit up to 36 years just flew by as plywood over Khabarovsk. Furgal removed this restriction;

— abolished the dual menu for students. We used it in schools: from the common one menu (richer), the beneficiaries (of the same large families) – pretty modest. Now menu one at all.

Here was an interesting case. In Komsomolsk-on-Amur local officials rebelled. Well, there is no possibility to find the whole 5.5 million rubles for the Lunches for schoolchildren. Not rubber the city's budget!

At the next meeting Furgal asked where the city took 24 million on the maintenance of officials themselves. In 2018, the year the content of the unit at a cost of 510 million rubles, and in 2019 – in 534 million.

Wonderful, isn't it? The chinovnichkov 24 million somewhere found, and the children are unable to 5.5.

This picture of modern government. 60 forgalom pulls, if so.

Go ahead:

— launched program for all residents of the territories of the far North and equated to them, 4 flights per year at a reduced ticket: 3 thousand per child, a 4.5 — per adult. Pay extra, of course, from the regional budget;

— ordered to annul the results of the suspicious state tenders in the total amount of 150 million rubles;

— conducted reduction of the device of the regional government that the savings plan gave about 600 million rubles a year. Cut 4 of the regional Ministry of 20;

— very much made me think the Prosecutor on the subject of what to do with construction companies, deceiving shareholders;

— issued 2 years 580 apartments for orphans. Who does not understand: the man from the orphanage, leaving a Mature life, has the right to housing from the state. And the regional government is obliged it to provide housing. At his own expense. Don't know how many in Khabarovsk is the infamous "odnushka", but it is worth the money;

— put up for sale (however, the buyer is not found) yacht "Victoria", standing on balance of regional administration. The only service this boat has cost the Treasury 600 thousand rubles a year. Probably not sell, but the initiative is good;

— revised quotas for the catch of fish, the felling and export of timber.

Actually, as I understand it, thinking of the repair of bridges, construction of the refinery, repair of schools and kindergartens, payment of debts to the budget (reduced for the last year the debt of the region to 2 billion rubles), generally, it becomes unclear how such a thing could be. The idea is that there are not investigators had to hire a killer.

The situation is very ugly: the Governor working for the people! Not only that, doing so he still makes more than what is promised! And he's not a United Russia, he from the side.

And, by the way, the test for "correct the Constitution" in the Khabarovsk region is clearly also not passed. 44% voter turnout 62% "for" the amendment. It is not good. Ugly. It was said by that 70%.

And it turns out that somehow on the other side of the country in power turned out to be a decent man, who besides that he does not steal like, Yes, and the other does not! Moreover, making life difficult for the officials to complete the program!

In General, the situation is difficult. Creating tension and doubt at the same time.

And that time, unexpectedly, even accidentally, a former business partner Sergey Furgala Nicholas Mistryukov accused of murder, makes a deal with the investigation and reports of the terrible crimes of the Khabarovsk Governor 15 years ago.

And now both former partner sitting in Lefortovo. As at the end of the article I'll link to the interview, which took members of the PMC (Public monitoring Committee, which just includes monitoring places of detention) and Furgala and Mistryukov.

Maybe the employees of the PMC was somewhat biased toward Mitrukova, but I don't much believe in his sudden Epiphany and recognition. Apparently, I do not believe in Khabarovsk, because I continue to take to the streets. Violating, among other things, the law.

Once all the time so it was: and Mistryukov "remembered", and the consequence of our work so quickly... Though I wonder how it (the investigation) quickly and not really bothering to check, grabbed Furgala. Indeed, how not to believe a former companion -- who is facing such a weak sentence for murder?

Old song, but since our bodies are promised to knock off/loosen, to know and not write. Especially if it really is, as himself says Mistryukov in an interview. But another confrontation...

But we're talking about Khabarovsk.

Drew attention to the numerous videos out that the city is not all good. People take to the streets, people speak in support of their Furgala. People applaud and shout "Thank you!" when the police out from the crowd provocateurs.

And the provocateurs are.

[embedded content]

Here these are the real provocateurs who shout "Putin is a thief!", — here they are something absolutely on purpose. Here they should not just withdraw, and to interview. With passion. Because everything that happens can be recorded and who should apply (Yes, Putin) under the right sauce.

And this dish is unlikely to appeal to Khabarovsk.

What causes dual feelings. Rapid fit Furgala the arrests of five people with disabilities and pensioners, "preparing the seizure of power in Omsk" (Kvachkova has found followers), it all causes some confusion of the situation.

So rocking the boat. Not criticism of the government, which is to criticize, not criticism of Putin, who has something to show. Russian barge swung such a hasty and incomprehensible arrests.

What took the residents of the Khabarovsk territory? They took away the prospect, which gave them Furgal. The belief that the Governor may be the person who will work for the people, not for their own pockets.

Such a person is found. Thank God, in our country, this red beast, but not endangered yet. And here's the result...

After reading a lot of reviews in social networks from Khabarovsk, understand what would like yourself to Voronezh his Furgala. Honestly and frankly – Yes, I would. Not sure that he's the killer, as it is trying to present. Most believe that he is really objectionable. And not even Putin, not even the Kremlin. His local.

I for Sergey Furgala. Until he confessed to the murder unreservedly "for", because actions speak about a person than words. And fully support of the festival in their quest to fight for their own Governor.

The position of many media is very strange. Show as if there is a bunch of renegades muddying the water. Well, as usual. Meanwhile, the people really against "cleaning" Furgala.

Фургал как новая единица измерения российской реальности

But news agencies show it as the machinations of the Dark Lord; This, nothing more.

In vain.

The situation is not very beautiful. And could develop into something more. I am pleased to see the police as politely and correctly perform their duties, I am happy to understand that the requirements of the presidential envoy Trutnev, urgently flown to Khabarovsk to "restore order", also has not rushed to perform. In the sense of to disperse.

First, the result is simply obliged to bring charges, evidence and so on. Because while the picture is not too attractive. Ugly.

"If the court and the President of the Russian Federation will make a decision that Sergei Furgal will no longer work with the Governor, that, accordingly, there will be elections..."

(Yuri Trutnev, Plenipotentiary representative of the President.)

And here it is, the choice of the people. On the streets. Chanting, honking his horn. Waiting. In their "small" meetings.

Putin is obliged to intervene and to deal with the situation. He, as nobody else in Russia, is interested in it.

Furgal open up behind bars, Mistryukov got cancer and partially blind.

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