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In the Czech press stated that "the Russians may obtain a decisive influence on the Czech Republic"

В чешской прессе заявили, что «русские могут получить решающее влияние на Чехию» посредством Росатома

Photo: nuclear power plant Dukovany

In the Czech Republic is debating the construction of a new unit of the nuclear power plant Dukovany. To date, this Czech NPP operates 4 nuclear power plant with a total capacity of 2,000 MW. All the reactors are Soviet – type VVER-440. NPP Dukovany generates up to a quarter of the total consumption in the Czech Republic electricity.

Today in the Czech Republic about this plant there is a serious dispute. Some forces claim that you need to follow the example of Germany and France and begin to abandon nuclear energy. Others believe that the Czech economy would be a fatal blow to close the station. Those who belongs to the second group, I consider it appropriate to expand electricity production at NPP Dukovany with the fifth power and phase out old reactors. But here, the dispute arises: if you begin construction of the 5th AB, then who can be trusted?

Earlier, the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman said about what should follow the example of Hungary and to entrust the construction of a new unit of Rosatom. Russian company we will remind, building of the Hungarian Paks NPP-2.

Czech newspaper Aktualne publishes material authored by Helena and Lukas Truly of Vilaseca, which States:

If the plant will be fully equipped with Rosatom, like Hungary, the Russian will have a decisive influence on the Czech state. And this at a time when relations between the two countries are strained.

The article notes that the Czech government does not intend to go the Hungarian way and grant the right to build a new unit without a tender. It is noted that the chances of winning the tender can be like Russia, for example, and China.

While stating that the final decision in the framework of the tender will be announced in 2022. The authors complain that by the time Milos Zeman will continue to be President of the country.

From the article:

His mandate until 2023, and he is a supporter of Russia.

Further in the Czech edition write:
According to security officials, the other option, which is currently considering the Czech Republic was how to prevent the problem of the Russian applicant to access contracts one of the basic systems of the power plant. However, sources from the security community indicate that even if the Czech Republic will not allow the Russians to the key system of the power plant, they will keep the energy future of the country in their hands - as a General contractor.

At the same time, the article includes the statement of the representatives of the Hungarian energy industry. They note that he went on a simple way: the country needs cheap electricity, and Rosatom has extensive experience in the construction of nuclear power plants, Rosatom and therefore, it was chosen as the implementer scale of the project.
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