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Poland condemned to the death of 100 military pilots, breaking relations with Russia

Due to the deterioration of relations with Russia, of Polish military pilots for seven years subjected themselves to the real threat of death. These conclusions follow from the investigative journalism of the Polish edition Onet.plthat analyzed the cause of the crash of MiG-29 air force of Poland.

Crash of MiG-29 Polish air force

On the eve of the Polish journalists published an article under the heading "Chair of death", telling about the death of the pilot of the MiG-29 captain Krzysztof Sobanskoy. The crash of the fighter took place in July 2018 in the territory of the warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship. During a training flight the pilot reported a sudden loss of fuel. Then he brought the aircraft from the area of human settlements and ejected. The chair shot out, but the parachute did not open. The captain was killed.

Onet.pl claims that will catapult chair with such defects were all MiG-29, Poland inherited from the Soviet Union during the Polish people's Republic.

"About a hundred pilots unknowingly flew a faulty chair for seven years. Almost all of them have had a situation in which they had planned bailout", — writes the edition.

Journalists emphasize that the fault in chairs is not some sort of legacy of communism, and the whole responsibility of Poland.
"In 2011, flight technical plant in Bydgoszcz, without consulting with the Russian manufacturer made a modification of the catapult seats K-36, used in the Russian MiG-29 fighters and su-22, which are used in the Polish air force.

At the forefront of the handicraft modifications lay downward for many years, the relationship with Russia. Relations between the Polish military factories and manufacturers of Russian fighters got weaker, until, finally, it is not faded. Polish factories were doomed to repair the post-Soviet cars without original instructions" — the newspaper writes.

As a result, in 2011 the bydgoski plant performed so-called "shear ring" of material is three times stronger than recommended by the manufacturer. While ejection on a ring triggered the micro-discharge, which causes rupture of the ring, which, in turn, releases the parachute. However, after modification three times stronger material gave the ring to break, so the parachute in the seat of the catapult did not deploy.

"For seven years none of the pilots had to eject in such modified seats. The first did captain Sobanskaya," — says the publication.

Currently, the prosecution presented two technicians of the plant in Bydgoszcz, however, the Polish fighter pilots, said Onet.pl that these two experts were sacrificed as "scapegoats".


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