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National gathering in Hamou village to denounce US and Turkish occupation and so-called “Caesar Act”

Hasaka, SANA- Popular protests against the US and Turkish occupation forces and in rejection of the so-called “Caesar Act” continued in Hasaka province.

The locals in Hamou village in Qamishli area on Tuesday staged a national gathering to denounce the new chapter of the hostile war against Syria represented by the so-called “Caesar Act”.


SANA reporter in Hasaka said that during the gathering, the locals in the village of Hamou held up placards and chanted slogans denouncing the hostile practices of the occupation forces, stressing categorical rejection of the so-called “Caesar Act”.

They also called for unifying the stances in facing the effects of the unfair siege imposed by Washington and its allies on Syria and to ease its repercussions.

The reporter added that the locals also denounced the us unilateral coercive economic measures targeting that Syrian people and affected vital sectors, particularly the health sector.

They also expressed rejection of the US and Turkish presence and their intervention in the internal affairs of Syria, and the economic blockade against the Syrian people.

Hala Zain

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