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Russian station "Mirny" in Antarctica there was a fire

Soviet geophysical Observatory Mirny in Antarctica

At the Russian Antarctic station "Mirny" the fire broke out, there were no casualties reported on the website Arctic and Antarctic research Institute.

The incident occurred yesterday at 16:40 GMT. Completely burned meteomarine "House Radio", the cabin was able to protect from fire.

In addition, the station has lost the Cabinet aerology, the laboratory of Physical Institute of the RAS, programme stratospheric sounding of cosmic rays, server, hydrometeorological laboratory and the radio.

The station "peace" are 23 staff members, the connection with the station set.

Now eliminate the effects of fire, created the Commission on investigation of causes of the fire. Efforts are being made to resume observations.

It is noteworthy that the fire occurred in the 200-year anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. The sixth continent was discovered by Russian explorers Mikhail Lazarev and Faddey Bellingshausen on the ship "Mirny" and "Vostok". In honor of the ships then called the research station.

RIA Novosti

На российской станции "Мирный" в Антарктиде произошел пожар

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