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Igor Panarin: World politics #319-322. Sechin: counterattack on the RBC | Aurora and saving Oct 1917

There have been several attempts to create a State Infospanish Russia. In 2016, the Russian army had established information warfare. A very important methodology; needs to develop its own approach. The balance of forces is gradually changing in favor of the forces of Good. Sechin and Belousov recently under attack. The twentieth of may 2020 Rosneft filed a lawsuit against RBC 43 billion. Through RBC had suffered an information attack on Rosneft in connection with the Venezuelan successful campaign. This is the first offensive in the information war against the liberal media. Sechin began work in the information field. Process a successful response in the information field after the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution of Russia must be accelerated.

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On the sixth of June 2019 XI Jinping and Vladimir Putin visited the cruiser "Aurora". The twenty-second of may 2020 in China opened a session of the Chinese Parliament. We are at the point when it is unclear where events will unfold. In February 1917 in Russia there was a liberal-Masonic coup. Saving Oct was prepared by three people: Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, and the chief of military intelligence, Lieutenant General Potapov. Then Dzerzhinsky headed the Cheka. And Potapov was chief of the General staff. Kolchak was an agent of the British. Bronstein-Trotsky was financed by the bankers and was recruited by British intelligence MI-6. Sverdlov was also a British agent. Fanny Kaplan was practically blind. Cheka worked effectively, including in the fight against sabotage. The restoration of the monument to Dzerzhinsky could be a positive signal in the fight against sabotage of some officials. Dzerzhinsky monument should be restored to Lubyanka square. The British did not expect "saving Oct. Russia went after him on the path to national salvation. As will now happen in China. This depends largely on the course of the game the globalists and the statists in the world.

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We are getting closer by sixth June 2020 — the birthday of the great Russian poet Pushkin. The transit authority was planned for the autumn of 2020. After challenge at the Lubyanka directed AGAINST Putin, Patrushev, Bortnikov, followed by a quick reaction of Vladimir Putin and his team. After challenge of the third of January 2020 at the Baghdad airport Vladimir Putin flies 7 January 2020 in Damascus and prevents a third hot world war. Next to him, Shoigu and Gerasimov. Fifteenth January 2020 was followed by the resignation of the government Medvedev. Vladimir Putin chooses mishustina for the post of Prime Minister. Starts bitter internal political struggle. This decision, Putin averted the THREAT of a repetition of February 1917. Part of the nominees mishustina not pulled your scope of work. In April 2020, Vladimir Putin has created an effective "Rate of the Supreme Commander" and began to conduct online conferences and meetings live. Putin and Sechin held in March 2020, a very risky operation in oil prices, which led to the win. Belousov unfolded the priorities of the economy from the banking sector towards industry. The ninth of may 2020 Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin closed the three sacred points of Russia. At this point it is necessary not to relax, but the overall situation is developing normally.

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According to the old Russian calendar is now 7528 year. Peter threw five and a half thousand years of our history. Lomonosov was talking about the ancient Slavs, leading their race from Noah and Dardanos (Trojans, Getae, Slavs, Scythians, Veneti). Rurik in 862 established the Rus as a Union of the SEVEN cities (Ladoga, Rostov, Pskov, Novgorod, Belozerov, Moore and Belarusian Polotsk). Kiev was not included in this Union. The first capital was Ladoga. Our ancestors lived in Troy. The Trojans and the Etruscans established Rome. Gaius Julius Caesar tried to restore the Roman Empire. Ivan the terrible considered himself a descendant of Augustus Octavian, the first Roman Emperor. Andrei Bogolyubsky moved the capital from Kiev to Vladimir. Alexander Nevsky refused illegal crown of the Vatican. The youngest son of Alexander Nevsky, Daniel of Moscow was the first Prince of Moscow. And his son Ivan Kalita — made Moscow the spiritual center of Russia. After the death of the outstanding Russian Tsar Ivan the terrible, Patriarch Nikon began to change the matrix Goodness of Ivan the terrible, and Peter the General abolished the Patriarchate. Alexander Suvorov: "We Russian! With us is God!" Nicholas I prevented a Masonic conspiracy of 1825. In October 1917, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, and General Potapov prevented the collapse of Russia after the Masonic revolution in February 1917. Vladimir Putin it was necessary not to repeat the mistakes of Nicholas II, and he did not repeat his basic error. The main conclusion: Russia has a long true story. The Kremlin — a sacred place in Russian history. Sophia Palaeologus was a Serb. Constantine the Great was a Slav. Healing of the Ukraine should begin from the time of Daniel Galitsky, who took the crown from the illegal government of the Vatican.

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