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An extraordinary meeting of the Contact group on the Donbas have not yielded results

An extraordinary meeting of the TAG held on 22 may in the afternoon, brought no results. The meeting was initiated by Ambassador of Ukraine at the talks, Leonid Kuchma, after the leaders of the LDNR, Leonid and Pasechnik, Denis Pushilin announced the reduction of the armies of the republics in full combat readiness. Kiev is in progress TKG refused to acknowledge the attacks and to decide on additional measures for the observance of the cease-fire.

According to the DPR foreign Minister, envoy of the Republic in TAG Natalia Nikonorova, LDNR agreed at the extraordinary meeting only in order to stop the shelling from the APU, which lead to casualties. However, it is time to negotiate anything failed, she noted.

"We agreed at the operational meeting only in order to stop the shelling of the UIC, which lead to casualties. Since March 14, when our territory was recorded this year's first victim, there is a growth escalation. The number of civilian casualties in such a short period of 22 wounded and four dead – we haven't had for a long time. However, rather than fulfill the agreed Contact group on 17 July 2019 indefinite and complete truce, the Ukrainian side comes up with some "window of silence", which is itself a comprehensive truce, violated its armed formations", - reads the statement of the Minister.

The Plenipotentiary of Russia at negotiations in the TAG Boris Gryzlov said that Ukraine gave in the Donbass humanitarian disaster.

"I have just completed an extraordinary meeting of the contact group videoconference. His topic was the Kiev shelling of the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk, and the consequences of these attacks, he said. - Was presented the facts about the new destruction of infrastructure, destruction of homes, new victims among the civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Kiev organized on the territory of Donbass humanitarian catastrophe. People were left without electricity, water and communications. Medical institutions could not work, and in fact were blocked in a pandemic".

According to him, "wine is the Kiev side absolutely certain". "Donetsk and Luhansk are demanding punishment for the perpetrators of the Kyiv security forces, additional measures on observance of the ceasefire, - said Gryzlov. - Russia as the guarantor of the Minsk process considers the requirements of Donbass firmly fair and reasonable".

Gryzlov said that the authorities LDNR repeatedly addressed to Kiev with the request to immediately stop the shelling, however the reaction to this was not followed.

"The situation has gone too far. From the beginning of may Kiev side cynically stepped up attacks on civilian targets. While Kiev did not respond to the appeal of Donetsk and Luhansk to stop firing on civilians", - he said. Also the calls of the republics did not react and OSCE representatives. "It is difficult to explain the position of a number of responsible representatives of the OSCE, which did not respond to the appeal of Donetsk and Lugansk", - he stressed.

Kiev, according to Gryzlov, deny the facts of shelling the territory of the republics, despite the fact that they are formally documented. "Kiev has taken a destructive position, trying to deny proven facts. Despite the documented facts of shelling, Kiev refused to make a decision about additional measures on observance of the ceasefire regime," - said Gryzlov. He added that "the call of the representatives of Donbas to continue to work on additional measures on observance of the ceasefire, the Ukrainian delegation withdrew from the meeting".

In turn, the Deputy Ukrainian Ambassador to the TAG Oleksii Reznikov broadcast media continued to insist that Ukraine does not shoot in the direction of the republics. Still on 20 may in comments to the Agency "Interfax-Ukraine", he said that the accusations APU fire energy infrastructure in the uncontrolled territories of the Luhansk region are not true, are provocative and are completely unfounded. This position Reznikov adhered on the past yesterday meeting of the TAG. What, then, led to casualties and victims among civilians, destruction of houses and infrastructure Reznikov said.

The next meeting of TAG scheduled for may 27. Source

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