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Escalation In Afghanistan Is Likely Nearing It’s Final Stage (Videos, 18+)

Escalation In Afghanistan Is Likely Nearing It’s Final Stage (Videos, 18+)

Escalation In Afghanistan Is Likely Nearing It’s Final Stage (Videos, 18+)

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Escalation In Afghanistan Is Likely Nearing It's Final Stage (Videos, 18+)

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More shocking footage from Afghanistan is published online. The situation remains tense in the country, where the Taliban movement has captured a number of strategic border regions and continues its offensive in different provinces, capturing not only civilian settlements, but also more military bases full of weapons that were abandoned by Afghan government troops.

For example, a video showing Taliban militants shooting down an Afghan army checkpoint using thermal imagers has been recently shared online:

Other videos were allegedly made in the province of Faryab in early July. They reportedly show the shooting of surrendered soldiers of the Afghan Armed Forces by Taliban militants.

Representatives of the Taliban have already claimed that 174 areas, 85% of the territory of Afghanistan, had already passed under their control, highlighting that government troops were only holding the capital Kabul and surrounding areas.

The most recent gains were made in southern Helmand province, where Taliban militants took control over Garmsir district aver the past 24 hours and are advancing towards the city of Lashkar Gah.

Escalation In Afghanistan Is Likely Nearing It's Final Stage (Videos, 18+)

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Currently, most areas of Kunduz, Sar-e Pul, Takhar, Ghazni, Kandahar and Helmand provinces have been captured by the Taliban and Afghan Army bases have been besieged.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the group’s militants would not attack provincial capitals until September 11, the date of Joseph Biden’s administration withdrawal from Afghanistan, because of its adherence to the Doha agreement.

At the same time, U.S. President Joe Biden has changed the deadline for the U.S. troops withdrawal. On June 8, yet another date was appointed: the withdrawal of the troops should be completed on August 31, 2021. Biden claimed that the United States has achieved its goals: it has eliminated Al-Qaeda and therefore its role in Afghanistan is over. Joe Biden pledged that he would not send “another generation of Americans” to war in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump used his chance to comment on the withdrawal of US troops on July 11, at the conference of conservative circles of the United States in Dallas. He accused President Joe Biden in leaving billions of dollars ‘ worth of weapons and equipment in Afghanistan, which falls into the hands of the radical Taliban movement.

Washington assures that the withdrawal of troops does not mean the end of assistance to Afghanistan government, but now it will not be military, but humanitarian. At the moment, Washington’s actions only lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.

The flow of migrants from Afghanistan has dramatically increased. Every day, about 8,000 Afghan citizens are waiting for foreign passports to leave the country. At the same time, neighboring states are closing border crossings with Afghanistan, explaining such a decision by the spread of COVID-19. For example, hundreds of refugees got stuck on the border with Pakistan.

Afghanistan has called on European countries to stop deporting Afghan migrants over the next three months, as government forces are organizing to counter the Taliban advance. The government also indicated that it had decided to no longer accept migrants forced back from all countries with which Kabul has migration cooperation agreements.

As the situation is steadily worsening, Taliban representatives went to Moscow. The delegation headed by Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar arrived on July 8 two days visit, despite the fact that the Taliban movement is designated as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation.

  • After the talks, Taliban guaranteed that the territory under their control would not be used by any third party to put pressure on neighboring countries.

  • They would take all necessary measures to prevent ISIS from gaining control over the territory of Afghanistan.

  • Representatives of the Taliban in Moscow assured that they would not do anything against neighboring countries.

  • They are not going to seize the whole country by force, the regions should be transferred to them as a result of negotiations.

  • They intend to share power with other representatives of the Afghan society.

  • They are not going to turn Afghanistan into a springboard for an attack on Russia.

  • The Taliban guaranteed a safe withdrawal for the American troops.

Taliban officials may be interested in talks with the Kremlin in exchange of sanctions lifting. That would be not an easy task.

According to Russian media, the representative of the political office of the movement in Doha, Suheil Shaheen, following a visit to Moscow, claimed: “We asked the Russian authorities on the exclusion from the sanctions list of UN Security Council.”

Meanwhile, Russia is taking an active part on assuring the security in Afghanistan neighbor countries.

The chief of Staff of the CSTO, Anatoly Sidorov, has recently arrived in Tajikistan, which has a fairly long border with Afghanistan, which has almost completely passed under the control of the Taliban.

Commenting on the situation on the border, he said that the Taliban had set up observation posts and checkpoints along the Tajik border, but there was no aggression on their part. The militants are acting openly, white flags are are seen at their checkpoints, no attacks were reported.

The 201st Russian military base is located in Tajikistan. It is the largest Russian base outside the country, which hosts 7,000 military personnel. Joint military drills were also carried out near the Afghanistan border.

Taking into account the current situation in Afghanistan, it may be predicted that Kabul forces have not more than a month left. Probably, the negotiations that are carried out with mixed success would lead soon to a ceasefire and Afghanistan would switch to a new era.


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