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Yemeni people donate to Palestine

Yemeni people donate to Palestine

Yemeni people donate to Palestine

Saturday, 5 June 2021 - 07:10


ISWNews Analysis Group: The fundraising committee to support the Palestinian cause in Yemen announced the donation of more than 120 million Yemeni Rials by the Yemeni people.

The donation was collected in the fifth military zone, the provinces of Al-Hudaydah and Al-Hajjah and in response of people to the leader Ansar Allah under the slogan ‘One morsel for us and our Palestinian brothers’.

The ceremony was attended by a number of local Ansar Allah officials, representatives of the Islamic Jihad movement and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and finally the donation was handed over to the Palestinian representatives.

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Yemeni people donate to Palestine</nofollow>
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