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Script Of RianAir Pilots’ Conversation, Videos Of Protasevich And Detained Russian Girl Released

Script Of RianAir Pilots’ Conversation, Videos Of Protasevich And Detained Russian Girl Released

Script Of RianAir Pilots’ Conversation, Videos Of Protasevich And Detained Russian Girl Released

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Script Of RianAir Pilots' Conversation, Videos Of Protasevich And Detained Russian Girl Released

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On May 25, Department of Aviation of Belarus published the script of the conversation between Minsk airport and the Ryanair pilot that made an emergency landing in Minsk airport in May 23.

On May 23, 2021, a written message with the following content in English was sent to the e-mail of the National Airport Minsk from the e-mail address protonmail.com:

“We, Hamas soldiers, demand that Israel cease fire in the Gaza Strip. We demand that the European Union abandon its support for Israel in this war. We know that the participants of Delphi Economic Forum are returning home on May 23 via flight FR4978. A bomb has been planted onto this aircraft. If you don’t meet our demands the bomb will explode on May 23 over Vilnius. Allahu Akbar.”

Belarus air traffic control told a Vilnius-bound Ryanair flight there was a bomb on board and suggested it divert to Minsk, according to the released transcript.

The dispatcher contacted the crew on May 23 at 12.30 local time to report the information received about the bomb planted on board the liner, which has not been confirmed later. The message, which the administration received by e-mail on behalf of the Hamas movement, said the attackers were planning to detonate a bomb over Vilnius.

The dispatcher advised the pilots to land in Minsk, but they refused, deciding to head to Vilnius. Soon they contacted the dispatching service, accepting the proposal to land in Belarus.

The recording of the conversation is yet to be released.

Pilot: 09:28:58 Minsk, Good day, RYR 1TZ, FL390 approaching SOMAT

ATC:09:29:04 RYR 1TZ, Minsk Control, good afternoon, radar contact.

ATC: 09:30:49 RYR 1TZ, Minsk

Pilot: Yes, go ahead.

ATC: RYR 1TZ for your information, we have information from special services that you have bomb on board and it can be activated over Vilnius.

Pilot: 1TZ Standby.

Pilot. 09:31:17: Ok RYR 1TZ could you repeat the message?

ATC: RYR 1TZ, I say again we have information from special services that you have bomb on board. That bomb can be activated over Vilnius.

Pilot: Roger that, standby.

ATC: 09:31:42: RYR 1TZ for security reason we recommend you to land at UMMS.

Pilot: Ok…that..it..understood give us alternate please.

Pilot:09:32:59: RYR 1TZ


Pilot: The bomb….direct message, where did it come from? Where did you have information about it from?

ATC: RYR 1TZ stanby please.

ATC: 09:33:42: RYR 1TZ

Pilot: Go ahead.

ATC: RYR 1TZ airport security stuff informed they received e-mail.

Pilot: Roger, Vilnius airport security stuff or from Greece?

ATC: RYR 1TZ this e-mail was shared to several airports.

Pilot: Roger, standby.

Pilot:09:34:49: Radar, RYR 1TZ.


Pilot: Could you give us frequency for (unreadable) company so that we would be able to (unreadable).

ATC: RYR 1TZ say again what frequency do you need.

Pilot: We just need to quawk with the operation of the company, if there any frequency for that (unreadable).

ATC. Do you need RYR operation frequency?

Pilot: That is correct 1TZ.

ATC: Standby please.

ATC: RYR 1TZ ,Standby please

Pilot: Standing-by.

Pilot:09:39:30: RYR 1TZ Any adverts?

ATC: RYR 1TZ Standby, waiting for the information.

Pilot: Could you say again that I have to call for the airport that authorities …(unreadable) to divert to..

ATC: RYR 1TZ  I read you THREE, say again please.

Pilot:09:39:57: Radar, RYR 1TZ .

ATC : RYR 1TZ ,Go.

Pilot: Can you say again the IATA code of the  airport that authorities recommended us to divert to?

ATC: RYR 1TZ roger, standby please.

Pilot: OK, I give you (unreadable) can you say again IATA code of  the  airport that authorities have recommended us to divert to?

ATC: RYR 1TZ Standby.

Pilot: Standby, Roger.

ATC :09:41:00: RYR 1TZ .

Pilot: Go ahead.

ATC: IATA code is MSQ.

Pilot: can you say again please?


Pilot: MSQ, thanks.

Pilot: 09:41:58: RYR 1TZ Again, this recommendation to divert to Minsk where did it come from?Where did it come from?Company? Did it come from departure airport authorities or arrival airport authorities?

ATC: RYR 1TZ   this is our recommendations.

Pilot: can you say again?

ATC: RYR 1TZ   this is our recommendations.

Pilot : unreadable.

Pilot:Did you say that your recommendation?

ATC: RYR 1TZ   , Charlie-Charlie.

ATC: 09.42.49: RYR 1TZ we have ground stuff frequency for Vilnius 131.750

Pilot. 131.75 and we have contact…(unreadable).

ATC:09:44:38 RYR 1TZ  advise your decision please?

Pilot: Radar ,RYR 1TZ

ATC:RYR 1TZ  advise your decision please.

Pilot; 09:44:52: I need answer the question what is the code of the (unreadable) green, yellow or amber red.

ATC: Standby.

ATC:09:45:09 RYR 1TZ  they say code is red.

Pilot: Roger that, in that case we request holding at present position.

ATC: RYR 1TZ   Roger, hold over your position, mantain FL390 turns at own discretion.

Pilot; Ok holding at our discretion at present position mantaining FL390 RYR 1TZ.

Pilot:09:47:12: RYR 1TZ  we are declaring an emergency MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY RYR 1TZ. our intentions would be to divert to Minsk airport

ATC: RYR 1TZ  MAYDAY, Roger.Standby for vectors.

Pilot: Standby RYR 1TZ .

Pilot: 09:48:10 RYR 1TZ request descent to 10000 feet.

ATC: RYR 1TZ , descend FL100.

Pilot: descend (unreadable) RYR 1TZ .

ATC:RYR 1TZ   from present position cleared direct  point KOLOS : Kilo Oscar Lima Oskar Sierra.

Pilot: Direct to KOLOS RYR 1TZ.

ATC:09:50:15 RYR 1TZ how do you read me?

Pilot: I read you 5 RYR 1TZ .

ATC: Roger.

ATC:09:50:24:  RYR 1TZ  do you need any aerodrome details and  weather information?

Pilot : We can (unreadable )ATIS from Minsk …enough.

ATC: RYR 1TZ  do you need ATIS frequency?

Pilot: We got it.09:It is 128.850, 1 TZ.

ATC:09:51:50: RYR 1TZ

Pilot: 1TZ , go ahead.

ATC: RYR 1TZ  KOLOS 2H arrival, RW in use 31R and if you need vectors advise.

Pilot: Ok, KOLOS.. could you say the (unreadable).

ATC: KOLOS 2H arrival.

Pilot: KOLOS 2H arrival, RW 31R, RYR 1TZ

ATC: And ATIS frequency is 128.850

Pilot: 28.85.

ATC:09:52:29: RYR 1TZ and advise passengers on board and if any dangerous goods on board.

Pilot: No dangerous goods, standby…and we need 130 to avoid.

Pilot:09:53:00 RYR 1TZ  turning heading 130 to avoid.

ATC: RYR 1TZ  roger heading 130 report clear of weather.

Pilot: WILCO.

Pilot :09:54:45: RYR 1TZ    persons on board is 133.

ATC: Persons on board  133 copied thank you.

ATC:09:55:33 RYR 1TZ  when ready report estimating time of arrival.

Pilot: 09:56:48: RYR 1TZ request descend 9000 feet.

ATC: RYR 1TZ descend FL90.

Pilot. Descend FL90, RYR 1TZ .

ATC: 09:57:12: RYR 1TZ  now contact Minsk approach on 125.9.

Pilot: 125.9, RYR 1TZ

Pilot: 09:57:22 Approach, Hallo, RTZ descending to FL 90 on the heading 130

ATC: RYR1TZ Minsk Approach good day expect vectoring for ILS RW 31R descend to altitude 6000 feet QNH 1010

Pilot: 6000 feet QNH 1010 vectors for ILS 31R, RYR1TZ

ATC: RYR1TZ turn left heading 070

Pilot: Heading 090 RYR1TZ

Pilot: (unreadable) Confirm ILS 31R

ATC: RYR1TZ Affirm ILS Approach RW 31R

Pilot: 31R thanks

ATC: RYR1TZ do you need any data information about Minsk 2?

Pilot: Stand by

Pilot: RYR1TZ request heading 060 (unreadable) turn to avoid

ATC: RYR1TZ cleared heading 060

Pilot: 060 degrees (unreadable)

Pilot: To correction that’s may be (unreadable) 1TZ

ATC: 1TZ Roger

Pilot: RYR1TZ actually request heading 040 for avoid for 20 miles may be (unreadable) 1TZ

ATC: RYR1TZ heading 040

Pilot: Heading 040 RYR1TZ (unreadable) 1TZ

Pilot: RYR1TZ request heading 030 to avoid for 10 miles

ATC: RYR1TZ heading 030

Pilot: Heading 030 RYR1TZ

ATC: 10:01:14 RYR1TZ do you need any assistance upon arrival?

Pilot: Negative RYR1TZ


Pilot: 10:02:46 RYR1TZ are you aware of nature of our (unreadable) urgenty

ATC: RYR1TZ yes we have information

Pilot: Roger (unreadable) location (unreadable) the aircraft should be parked on in the  airport (unreadable) doing this event

ATC: 10:03:15 RYR1TZ say again your message please

Pilot: RYR1TZ Do you have (unreadable) a nature the civic area in the airport where the aircraft should be parked on in this kind of event?

ATC: RYR1TZ yes we have special area

Pilot: Roger that RYR1TZ in this case no other assistance needed

ATC: RYR1TZ roger

Pilot: 10:04:14 RYR1TZ request

ATC: Go ahead

Pilot: Just wanted to know if our company was informed about about this case about this event

ATC: RYR1TZ stand by

Pilot: RYR1TZ (unreadable) сomplete and now we are ready to commence approach

ATC: RYR1TZ Roger turn right heading 080

Pilot: 080 degrees RYR1TZ

ATC: RYR1TZ we will try to pass information to your company during 5 minutes

ATC: 10:06:45 RYR1TZ descend to altitude 4000 feet

Pilot: Descending 4000 feet RYR1TZ

Pilot: RYR1TZ Confirm QNH


Pilot: 1009 QNH RYR1TZ

ATC: RYR1TZ turn left heading 050 descend to altitude 3000 feet

Pilot: Left heading 050 descending 3000 feet RYR1TZ

ATC: 10:10:23 RYR1TZ turn left heading 010 cleared ILS Approach RW 31R report establish localizer

Pilot: Turn left heading 010 cleared ILS 31R report establish RYR1TZ

ATC: 10:11:21 RYR1TZ you’ve just passed the final

ATC: 10:12:26 RYR1TZ do you have contact localizer?

Pilot: Affirm

ATC: RYR1TZ contact Tower 130,4

Pilot: 130,4 RYR1TZ

On May 24, Belarusian news channels published several parts of recordings.​

​​​​In the first part published by the ONT channel, the dispatcher says that the airport security service received an e-mail with the threat of an explosion.

According to the second part, released by the Belarus 1 TV channel, the dispatcher said that the landing in Minsk was a recommendation.

On May 25, the Transport Ministry of Belarus claimed that representatives of international agencies were invited for “further consideration of the circumstances” of the incident. The invited organisations are the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Air Transport Association, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the EU and US Civil Aviation Authorities.

On May 24, a video showing the notorious Roman Protasevich, who was detained at the Minsk airport, giving comments on the current situation, was released.

“Yesterday, I was arrested by officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the national airport in Minsk. I am in Detention Center No. 1 in Minsk. I can say that I have no health problems, including with my heart or any other organs. The attitude of employees towards me is as correct as possible and according to the law. I continue cooperating with investigators and am confessing to having organized mass unrest in the city of Minsk.”

There are several opinions about the reasons for the incident in Minsk; who was behind the emergency landing, either the special services of the NATO countries, Protasevich’s partners, or the special services of Belarus.

Regardless of all versions and speculations, the following can be considered as facts:

  • at 20:00 Minsk time on May 24, he was alive.

  • a day after the arrest, no signs of torture are seen on his face, and he is in a clear consciousness, speaks fluently, does not show signs of severe physical and psychological influence.

  • undoubtedly, the voiced text was dictated by Belorussian security services.

  • Protasevich’s excitement is noticeable. In the second part of this video, we should pay attention to the speaker’s non-verbal reactions. An unprepared person in such a situation can show a lot through hand gestures and facial expressions. When Protasevich talks about giving confessions, he verbally and non-verbally demonstrates his readiness to at least partially disclose information about the curators and financiers of his activities in exchange for life and freedom.

  • Apparently Protasevich, having no experience of being outside his comfort zone, still wonders how is it possible in reality, and not in the text of an Internet blog.

​​Another video was released on May 25, allegedly showing a Russian citizen, Sophia Sapega, who was detained together with Protasevich.

She claimed: “I am an editor of the telegram channel “Black Book of Belarus”, which publishes personal information about employees of the law enforcement officers of Belarus.”


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