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Syria’s Players Try To Seize The Day Amid Global Gaza Distraction

Syria’s Players Try To Seize The Day Amid Global Gaza Distraction

Syria’s Players Try To Seize The Day Amid Global Gaza Distraction

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In the Middle East, many are attempting to make moves and forward their interests while the world is focused on escalation in the West Bank.

One such case is the United States and its attempts to move its forces in northeastern Syria.

On May 13, a unit of the Russian Military Police intercepted a US military convoy in the region, which is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Reportedly, the US military violated the existing mechanisms for conflict avoidance and moved , without prior notice towards the Russian forces.

There was no scuffle, but the large US military unit was forced to withdraw by the small group of Russian military personnel, who ensured the safety of traffic along the M4 highway.

Washington’s forces, however, are receiving reinforcements.

Syrian state outlet SANA reported the entry of a convoy comprising of 55 vehicles in  the Hasaka countryside.

The trucks were loaded with hidden materials; and  there were refrigerated tankers and carriers, accompanied by a number of armored vehicles.

The convoy was heading towards the Rmelan camp, where the US already has heavy equipment.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) remain active in the northeastern region, and have carried out an operation against ISIS.

On May 13th, the SDF dismantled an ISIS cell and arrested 39 terrorists.

The SDF said they also seized a large number of weapons and documents from the terror group.

It was a busy week for the Kurdish force, as it claimed that it had captured 14 ISIS members just two days earlier.

Expectedly, ISIS responded by attacking an SDF checkpoint, and a vehicle of the Kurdish fighters.

According to reports, 1 fighter was injured and 1 was killed.

While the US attempts to dig in and reinforce its positions, and the  SDF is attempting to contain ISIS on its own, Russia is making an effort to contain the movements of the “moderate opposition” in Greater Idlib and Lattakia.

Late on May 12th, Russian airstrikes targeted militants’ positions near the town of Tardin in the northern Lattakia countryside, as well as in the vicinity of the town of Knaddah in the western countryside of Idlib.

A few hours prior to the airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army hit a military vehicle near the town of Bidama in the western Idlib countryside with an anti-tank guided missile.

These operations are necessary, due to the frequent violations by   militant groups   in Greater Idlib.

While the situation in Israel shows no sign of slowing down, many throughout the Middle East, and even further away will try to use the chance to pursue their own goals, as it is clear to see in Syria.

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Syria’s Players Try To Seize The Day Amid Global Gaza Distraction</nofollow>
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