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Mikdad ,Zarif discuss means of enhancing relations between Syria and Iran

Mikdad ,Zarif discuss means of enhancing relations between Syria and Iran

Mikdad ,Zarif discuss means of enhancing relations between Syria and Iran

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and expatriates Minister,  Fayssal Mikdad discussed on Wednesday  with Iranin counterpart,  Mohammad Javad Zarif, the latest  developments in both countries, the region and the world .

Mikdad, during a telephone call with Zarif, affirmed the importance of bilateral relations between the two countries, adding that the two peoples are satisfied over the high level of bilateral relations in different fields.

Mikdad breifed Zarif on the preparations made by the Syrian government to hold the presidential elections as schedule, noting to the importance of the entitlement for the Syrian people and the great interaction that Syrian citizens show for the success of this entitlement.

Regarding the economic domain, Mikdad reiterated Syria’s condemnation of the unilateral economic measures imposed by US and some Western states on Syria and Iran, calling for removing them immediately because they are immoral and harm the citizens, hailing in this context Iran’s support for Syria in the face of the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people.

Mikdad condemned the role of some countries, especially the United States of America, in targeting the livelihood of the Syrians and plundering their oil, wheat and various resources to undermine their stance on the sovereignty and unity of their country, reiterating Syria’s rejection of such economic terrorism.

Mikdad also affirmed Syria’s support for the Islamic Republic of Iran and its stance which commits to rights, sovereignty and independence of its people, especially with regard to the ongoing negotiations in Vienna to return to the nuclear agreement.

In turn, Zarif expressed his thanks and appreciation for Syria’s stance in support of Iran on various issues and reiterated his country’s stance in support of Syria regarding elections and the constitutional entitlement, as specified by the Syrian people and the Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Zarif also renewed his country’s stance in support of Syria in combating terrorism and countering the impacts of terrorist acts against the Syrian and Iranian peoples and other peoples that reject hegemony policy.

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Mikdad ,Zarif discuss means of enhancing relations between Syria and Iran</nofollow>
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