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The Houthis Renew Their Push On Marib, Will It Fall? (Map Update)

The Houthis Renew Their Push On Marib, Will It Fall? (Map Update)

The Houthis Renew Their Push On Marib, Will It Fall? (Map Update)

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The Houthis Renew Their Push On Marib, Will It Fall? (Map Update)

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Over the April 23-25 weekend, at least 65 fighters had been killed, as Yemen’s Ansar Allah (the Houthis) renewed their push on Marib city.

The Houthis have taken full control of the northwest Kassara battlefront and made progress on western front lines despite air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition.

This was reported by AFP, citing unnamed military sources.

Marib and its surrounding oilfields make up the last significant stronghold of the Saudi-led coalition in central and northern Yemen, the rest of which is under rebel control, including the capital Sanaa.

Yemen puppet government sources said the Houthis poured in hundreds of reinforcements in recent days to achieve the gains, resorting to motorcycles after the coalition targeted their military vehicles.

Yemeni government sources reported the death of Yemen’s military attorney general, Major General Abdullah al-Hadhiri, during the violent confrontations in Marib.

Hadhiri was reportedly killed while participating in the raging fighting between the army and the Houthis at the Al-Mashjah front, west of Marib city, according to Mohamed Qizan, a senior official at the information ministry in the Yemen puppet government.

“Major General Abdullah Al-Hadhiri, Director of the Military Judicial Department, meets his Lord as a glorified martyr while he is at the frontlines facing Houthi gangs at Al-Mashjah in Marib.”

As typical for any Houthi success, MSM and NGOs begin calling that a humanitarian disaster is incoming, as if Saudi Arabia’s frequent bombing of civilians and the blockade on al-Hudaydah isn’t causing one.

“The city’s fall could also lead to a humanitarian disaster, as vast numbers of civilians displaced from fighting elsewhere have sought refuge in the area.”

The UN Security Council warned in earlier April that Houthi attempts to take control of Marib would place internally displaced people at high risk and would threaten efforts to reach a political settlement.

Likewise, in March, western governments, including those of France, Germany, Italy, the UK and US, condemned the Houthi offensive on Marib, warning that the attack was “worsening an already dire humanitarian crisis”.

Meanwhile, al-Masirah reported that the Houthis said they are carrying out retaliatory attacks that come in response to an escalation of Saudi aggression, and its ongoing siege on Yemen.

Over the weekend, the Houthis have targeted King Khalid Airbase, in Khamis Mushait, as well as an important military site in Abha International Airport and other targets were successfully struck by Qasef-2k drones, as well as Sammad-3.

The Houthis have been quite active and successful in their attacks on Saudi Arabian targets behind the frontlines.

The Houthis Renew Their Push On Marib, Will It Fall? (Map Update)

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  • The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah) reported 90 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah during the past 24 hours

  • On April 25, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 19 airstrikes on the Sarwah area

  • On April 25, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 2 airstrikes on the Madghal area

  • On April 25, Ansar Allah captured Talaat al-Hamra height in west of Marib

  • On April 26, Ansar Allah attacked King Khalid Airbase with a Qasef 2K drone

  • On April 26, clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continued in the east of Madghal district


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