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Dolgov: Presidential elections’ entitlement is sovereign right for the Syrian people

Moscow, SANA-Senior researcher at the Center of Arab and Islamic Studies in the Russian Orientalism Institute, Boris Dolgov, stressed on Monday that presidential elections entitlement in Syria is a sovereign right for the Syrian people.

Dolgov, in an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow, said that the upcoming presidential elections in Syria constitute an important event to the political life in Syria, and it “mainly indicate that the Syrian Arab Republic lives in accordance with its valid laws and rules of the constitution which meet all international and true democratic criteria.”

Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Hammoudah Sabbagh, during an extraordinary session of the Assembly on Sunday, announced the beginning of candidacy for presidential elections, starting from on April 19th.

In this context, Dolgov said that setting date of Presidential elections in Syria is a assertion on the sovereignty of the Syrian State whose army defeated terrorism.


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