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Celebration at Russian military base in Hmeimim on 75th anniversary of Evacuation Day

Lattakia ,SANA – A central celebration was held on Friday at the Russian military base in Hmeimim marking the 75th anniversary of evacuation of the French colonizer from Syria ‘s territory, and within framework of close friendship binding the Syrian and Russian armies.

Russian official and popular activities participated in the celebration in presence of Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces,Defense Minister, Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayoub ,and Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour Azzam, in addition to officials figures and a number of army’s senior officers.

In a speech, Ayoub conveyed the greetings of President Bashar al-Assad the Commander-in-Chief of Army and Armed Forces, and his wishes for all to success in performing the sacred missions, thanking the leadership of Russian forces in Hmeimim base for this gesture.alt

He stessed the depth of Syrian and Russian bilateral relations.

Ayoub pointed out that the Syrian people are still steadfast despite the blockade and sanctions, and will remain steadfast until eliminating terrorism in Syria.

for his part , Commander of Russian forces operating in Syria delivered a speech , in which he congratulated the Syrian leadership,the army and people on this occasion, affirming the right of peoples to struggle to liberate their land from occupation.

He stressed the continuing of cooperation with Syrian armed forces until liberating the Syrian territories from terrorism fully.

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