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Through educational platforms: lessons, interactive tests to maintain educational process at home

Damascus, SANA-Activities in the form of educational games and three-dimensional lessons designed by students and teachers, curricula, interactive e-books and video sessions, in addition to an interactive test bank, are all set of topics presented by educational platforms through their websites to children and students during the holidays imposed by the repercussions of the Corona pandemic

The number of recorded lessons that have been broadcast on the platforms of “Public Education, Early Education and Damascus Education” until Wednesday reached 5235 lessons and 998 curricula, while the number of subscribers to the platforms reached 71000.

Dr. Nadia El-Ghazouly, Director of the National Center for Educational Curricula Development at the Ministry of Education, said that work is underway to complete all textbooks electronically to be provided on the platforms with interactive tests that enable the student to inspect his information, referring to the great effort and time spent by the ministry to accomplish this matter, especially since the educational curricula are basically built to be interactive one so that the educational process can be delivered at any time and any place.

Educational platforms help reduce private lessons which bear financial burden on students’ families.

lessons on platforms are available at any time and for free.

Shaza al-Ashkar / Mazen Eyon

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