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Ar -Raha, significant archeological landmark in Sweida Province

Sweida, SANA- A number of old documents inscribed on basalt stones in Greek were found in the old village of Ar-Raha, archeologist Hassan Hatoum said.alt

The inscriptions documented historical events related to the implementation of some projects which were established in Ar- Raha site and adjacent sites, Hatoum told SANA in a statement.

He pointed out that one of the inscriptions was a Greek writing dedicated to the god Cronos (the god of time), it is of 57cm long and 26 cm wide.alt

A statue embodying a seated figure with statues of two lions on each side was found in the site, the archeologist said, adding that this sculpture represents the goddess Athena Lat.

He pointed out that the site of Ar-Raha was rich with springs throughout eras.


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