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Israeli Ship Targeted Off UAE Coast

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Israeli Ship Targeted Off UAE Coast

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According to the Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen, on April 13, Israeli ship Hyperion Ray was attacked near the shores of Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates. Israel has reportedly claimed that the ship was targeted by an Iranian missile, probably launched from an Iranian drone or other vessel.

According to the Marine Traffic portal, Hyperion Ray is a bulker built in 2015 that was sailing under the Bahamian flag from Kuwait. According to the reports, the ship carried cars.

As a result of the attack, it received minor damage, the team members were not injured. However, Hyperion Ray had to enter the UAE port to assess the damage.

According to Israeli TV channel “12”, the cargo ship belongs to Israeli businessman Rami Unger. The Times Of Israel, citing a representative of the ship, reported that the ship was not damaged, but the source did not confirm or deny the attack.

If the Iranian role confirmed, the attack on Hyperion Ray is the last one in a series of game of battlefield between Tehran and Tel Aviv. In the last months, the sides have mutually targeted a number of their ships.

On April 11th, The blackout at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility took place hours after its new batch of centrifuges for uranium enrichment were launched. The Israeli intelligence was allegedly behind the attack. The incident has also influenced the negotiations between Tehran and Washington on the Nuclear Deal. On April 13, Iranian negotiator Abbas Arakchi, said Iran would start enriching uranium to 60% from the next day. Previously, this figure was 20%.


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