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US Helicopters Transported Dozens Of ISIS Terrorists To Al-Omar Oil Field: SANA Report

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US Helicopters Transported Dozens Of ISIS Terrorists To Al-Omar Oil Field: SANA Report

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On April 13, the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA reported that US helicopters transported dozens of ISIS terrorists from prisons which are under the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) control in Hasaka province to al-Omar oil field on Deir Ezzor eastern countryside.

Citing local sources, SANA claimed that 60 ISIS members terrorists were transported on board of two US helicopters. The convoy was escorted by Apache helicopter.

Before being sent to al-Omar oil field, terrorists have reportedly received training by American forces in order to join the ranks of the so-called “Tribal Army” led by Kurdish commander al-Khabil.

Previously, on March 31st, US helicopters allegedly transported 40 ISIS terrorists from al-Houl prison, east of Hasaka city, to its base in al-Shadadi city in the southern part of the Hasaka countryside, Syrian state outlet SANA reported.

The transfer took place amid a large security operation in al-Hol camp that involved thousands of troops from the US-backed SDF, Asayish security forces and the Women’s Protection Units took part in the first phase of the operation. Al-Hassan revealed that 125 members of ISIS were arrested in the course of the operation.

While Russian Aerospace Forces are carrying out airstrikes on the terrorist group’s hideouts, together with Syrian government forces that are carrying out regular combing operations in the central region, inflicting heavy losses to the terrorists, the US forces profit from their impunity and allegedly cooperate with ISIS to fulfill its interests.


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