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Turkish occupation set up trenches, barricades among villages to boost its illegitimate presence in

Raqqa, SANA- Turkish occupation forces continued their crimes in regions they occupy in the  northern  countryside of  Raqqa by imposing Turkish policy of Turkification, isolating occupied villages from neighboring areas to boost “ status-quo” of the occupation there.

Local sources told SANA that Turkish occupation forces built barricades at depth of 32km inside Syrian territories synchronizing with reinforcing a number of their illegitimate military bases with heavy  weapons and advanced radars, in addition to digging 15 km long trenches adjacent to Hasaka-Aleppo highway in the vicinity of Ayn Issa.

The sources indicated that Turkish occupation plots aim to isolate the occupied areas  north of  Hasaka-Aleppo highway from the south  through the illegal constructing of  five military bases in Ayn Issa district.

Bushra Dabin/Mazen Eyon

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