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Syria, Russia: Western countries allocate funds to prevent refugees from returning Home

Damascus, SANA – Russian and Syrian joint coordination committees on the return of Refugees affirmed that Western countries allocate funds to prevent Syrian refugees from returning to their homeland, saying the so-called “Brussels Conference” aims to destabilize the situation in Syria and the region.

A joint statement issued by the two committees added that Brussels Conference outcome, which claimed to provide humanitarian aid to Syrians, and held without consulting the Syrian government, lead to destabilization of the situation in Syria and the region instead of reconstructing facilities and infrastructure. 

 “Western countries allocate financial resources to prevent the displaced in the camps from returning to their homeland and keeping them in the host countries without any decent life for them,” The statement said

Meanwhile, the Syrian government works with all possible capabilities to find right conditions for citizens and rebuild what has been destroyed by terrorism, the statement affirmed.

The statement said that method of the western countries in  providing assistance to Syria  is  harmful that leads to the  revival of  terrorism and the occurrence of an economic and social crisis.

It stressed that unilateral coercive measures imposed  by the US and its allies on Syrians  prevent the displaced from returning to their homeland and contribute to supporting  tension to justify the occupation of Syrian lands and loot natural resources of the Syrians.

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