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Participants in Digital Transformation Conference: Securing a senior management for transformation a

Damascus, SANA- Participants in the fifth session of the Third International Conference on Digital Transformation reviewed techniques of digital transformation and its role in sustainable development, issues of machine learning, the relationship of man to machine, artificial intelligence and business intelligence, calling for securing a senior management for digital transformation at national level.

Dr. Kadan Jumaa from the Higher Institute for applied Sciences and Technology briefed on the participants on the institute’s experience in digital transformation in government institutions , noting that the institute is the first one to establish this service, as remote education is one of the first services that have been applied, which provides education, lessons and lectures to students online.

He also pointed out to the institute’s role in digital transformation in public bodies, such as court systems in the Ministry of Justice, the management system of the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection.

Manar Salameh/ Shaza Qreima

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