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Egypt Suspended Normalization Talks With Turkey – Report

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Egypt Suspended Normalization Talks With Turkey - Report

Egypt’s President Al-Sisi

On April 9, Al Arabiya reported that Egypt has temporarily suspended talks to normalize relations with Turkey, including a taking a decision to halt security contacts with Ankara until further notice. The sources said Egypt had suspended Ankara’s request to hold a broad meeting in Cairo before the end of April.

According to sources of Al-Arabia, Turkey’s slowdown in withdrawing mercenaries from Libya has so far caused a breakdown in talks with Egypt. Turkey had reportedly requested more time to withdraw its military advisors and members from Libya. Egypt asked for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal from the conflict-strife North African country. Cairo suspended communications until their demands are implemented quickly.

Another obstacle for continuation of the talks between the two sides are Turkish insufficient measures to suspend the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities. Among those measures was Turkish order to Istanbul-based TV channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to stop airing criticism geared toward Egypt immediately.

Egypt demands more permanent measures and the handover of Yahya Musa and Alaa al-Samahi, both officials within Muslim Brotherhood Islamist group. Turkish gradual implementation of the demands does not correspond to the speed asked by Cairo.

The bilateral contacts between Turkey and Egypt were renewed last month.Since that, Ankara has geared to implement more measures against Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated media. It has also frozen the granting of citizenship to a number of group’s members.

The taken measures do not satisfy Cairo, which has also demanded to hand over the former ISIS member who obtained Turkish citizenship after returning from Syria.


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