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60 ISIS Terrorists Eliminated In Iraqi Airstrikes On Hamrin Mountains

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60 ISIS Terrorists Eliminated In Iraqi Airstrikes On Hamrin Mountains

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On April 7, the Iraqi military announced that 60 terrorists of ISIS were eliminated in a recent wave of airstrikes on the country’s northern region.

The airstrikes were carried out by F-16 warplanes of the Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) on March 25. The airstrikes destroyed a network of tunnels and dens in the Hamrin Mountains, which are located along the administrative border between the provinces of Saladin and Kirkuk.

According to a spokesman for the Iraqi Commander-in-Chief, ISIS cells used the targeted tunnels and dens in Hamrin as hideouts.

The spokesman, Yehia al-Rasool, said that information provided by the military’s Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) was behind the successful airstrikes. CTS units tracked ISIS terrorists in the Hamrin Mountains for a while which led to the discovery of the hideouts.

“Today we confirm that these airstrikes resulted in the killing of 60 terrorists of ISIS remnants,” al-Rasool said in a statement.

Hamrin Mountains is a known stronghold of ISIS cells. From there, the terrorists launch attacks in Saladin, Kirkuk and other parts of northern Iraq.

The IQAF stepped up its combat operations against ISIS cells in the last few weeks. Heavy losses were inflicted on the terrorist group. Nevertheless, the group’s cells are still operating in the northern and western regions of Iraq.


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