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Kiev’s Best Friends Discuss Worrisome Border Situation

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Kiev's Best Friends Discuss Worrisome Border Situation

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Acting US Undersecretary of Defense for Political Affairs Amanda Dory took part in a virtual meeting with counterparts from Canada, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom, during which the parties discussed the growing Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and the strengthening of Russian forces along the Ukrainian borders.

This was announced by the Pentagon’s press service.

The meeting participants reaffirmed their strong support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

It is noted that the parties are also concerned about the strengthening of Russia’s military activity in the region.

It is added that the organizer of the meeting was the British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

The leaders of the countries also reaffirmed their commitment to provide training and support to build the capacity of the Ukrainian forces to preserve the country’s territorial integrity and continue to move towards interoperability with NATO.

Earlier on April 7th, Georgia, Bulgaria and Slovakia came out in support of Ukraine.

Concern over the concentration of Russian forces near the borders of Ukraine was expressed by Germany and France.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the day before also condemned the constant violation of the ceasefire by Russia in the Donbass during a telephone conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

This topic was also on the agenda of Zelensky’s talks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The Czech Republic also expressed concern about the situation.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing escalation in eastern Ukraine and the build-up of Russian forces on the border, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister announced today, April 7, that the country would invite NATO allies to provide Ukraine with a Membership Action Plan.

Meanwhile, Russia is continuing with its military exercises throughout the federation.

As part of a control check of the combat readiness of units of the Taman motorized rifle division of the guards tank red banner army of the Western Military District, servicemen conducted live firing of 120-mm 2S12 Sani mortars in the Moscow region, at the Alabino training ground.

As part of the control check, a practical training was held with military personnel of the air defence troops of the Eastern Military District (EMD) to detect and destroy high-altitude targets of a mock enemy in the Transbaikal territory.

During the practical part, the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) crews worked out actions for training alarm signals, bringing and receiving a signal about the detection of conditional violators in the airspace, as well as for operational relocation to a given area.

As part of the development of the naval elements of the course task K-2, the modernized frigate of the Pacific Fleet “Marshal Shaposhnikov” conducted a series of artillery fires at coastal targets.

In the area of Zheltukhin Island, where the coastal range is located, the ship performed artillery fire to suppress a visible coastal target and an invisible target hidden by the terrain. Shooting at targets simulating protected firing points and an accumulation of military equipment of a simulated enemy was carried out from a new universal 100-mm A-190 mount.

As part of the tactical exercise of the Ulyanovsk Guards Airborne Assault Formation, held from April 6 to April 9 of this year, during the control check of the Airborne Forces during the winter training period, the reinforced paratrooper battalion performed a practical landing of three BMD-2K units -AU to the landing site “Voskhod-1”.

Combat vehicles were delivered to the specified area by one Il-76md military transport aviation (VTA) aircraft. The landing was carried out from a height of 600 at an aircraft speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour on parachute strap-down systems PBS-916 and PBS-925.

Moscow has repeatedly said that these exercises are purely defense, but they also serve as a show of force that it can defend its border from every direction.


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