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The Houthis Release Video Of The Recent Attack On Saudi-Led Forces In Yemen

[video src="https://southfront.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/مشاهد_لصد_زحف_مرتزقة_العدوان_في_جبهة_مريس_بالضالع_وتكبي_134.mp4" poster="https://southfront.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/مشاهد_لصد_زحف_مرتزقة_العدوان_في_جبهة_مريس_بالضالع_وتكبي_134.mp4"]

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The Houthi-affilated media outlet “Yemen Wrath” released fresh combat footage showing operations of Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) against coalition-led forces in Yemen.

The video reportedly shows the Houthi recent attack on Saudi-led forces on the Meris front in Al-Dhale governorate on April 4. Heavy material and human losses were reported.

Since the beginning of Apris, the Houthis carried out several attacks on targets in Saudi Arabia. They reportedly used a missile to target the Kanayis Airbase, behind enemy lines in Saudi Arabia. Also, On April 3, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had thwarted an attempt by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) to carry out an attack with a booby-trapped boat. This claim was proved by a video released online.

Heavy clashes are continuing in both the Madghal district and the Hayfan district, as well as in Marib.

Meanwhile, as the situation remains tense, the Saudi Arabia has reportedly deployed US-made MIM-104 Patriot air-defense systems to Marib. However, the effectiveness of Saudi systems are far from been effective enough, as the continuous Houthi attacks on the Kingdom’s territory reach their targets, including Aramco oil facilities.


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