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Coup D’Etat Prevented In Jordan. Royal Family Members Reportedly Arrested

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Attempted coup d’etat was prevented in Jordan. A number of high-ranking officials were arrested.

According to the American Washington Post about 20 people were arrested, including members of the royal family. According to some sources, the brother of the current king, Prince Hamza bin Hussein, was detained and placed under house arrest. Queen Mother Nur al-Hussein was arrested along with him. Some sources claim that among the detainees, there was also Yasser Suleiman, the head of the office of the king’s brother.

Jordanian news agency Petra claimed the detention of the former head of the royal administration, Basem Awadallah, and a member of the royal family, Prince Hassan bin Zayed. Among the detainees are also officers of the royal guard, tribal leaders, officials of the royal administration and others.

Later, Jordanian news agency Petra denied reports that the king’s brother was arrested, but it confirmed that there was a coup attempt.

Security measures have been stepped up in Amman.

Jordanian intelligence conducted a special operation, figuring out a group who were planning to carry out a palace coup and overthrow King Abdullah II.

The members of these plot reportedly had connections abroad. This information raises suggestions that this is not just an internal conflict or family showdown. In this context, some sources report that Bassem Awadallah, one of the detainees, is CEO of Dubai-based Emirati Tomoh Advisory and also served on the board of directors of one of the largest conglomerates Al-Baraka Group in Bahrain.

This plot in Jordan royal family and attempt of coup may be linked with the current shift in the balance of power in the Middle East and especially on-going trend of normalization of relationships between Israel and Arab countries.


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