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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Foiled Houthi Attack With Booby-Trapped Boat

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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Foiled Houthi Attack With Booby-Trapped Boat

Illustrative image, Via: al-Arabiya

On April 3, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had thwarted an attempt by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) to carry out an attack with a booby-trapped boat.

In a statement, the coalition said that the water-borne Improvised Explosive Devices (WBIED) was destroyed off the shores of the town of al-Salif on Yemen’s western coast from a safe distance.

“The Houthi militia threat to shipping lines and global trade continues … The militia uses the Stockholm Agreement [which imposed a ceasefire on the western Yemeni coast] as an umbrella to launch hostile attacks from al-Hudaydah province,” the statement reads.

The Saudi-led coalition didn’t provide further details on the incident or release footage showing the destruction of the WBIED.

Last week, coalition warplanes destroyed two alleged WBIEDs of the Houthis off the coast of the city of al-Hudaydah with precision-guided munitions. Back then, a video of the strike was shared by the Saudi Press Agency.

The Houthis have been targeting Saudi-led coalition warships with remotely-controlled WBIEDs for several years. In 2017, a detailed report by the Conflict Armament Research (CAR) revealed that Iranian components were used in the making of these makeshift anti-shipping weapon.

The Houthis have not commented on the Saudi-led coalition’s claims, so far. The group didn’t announce any WBIED attack for a while now. This raises some serious doubts about the coalition’s recent claims.


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