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Iraqi Air Force Hits ISIS Hideouts Near Baghdad With Pinpoint Accuracy (Video)

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Iraqi Air Force Hits ISIS Hideouts Near Baghdad With Pinpoint Accuracy (Video)

Iraqi F-16, source: the Iraqi Air Force

On April 3, the Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) carried out airstrikes on hideouts of ISIS near the capital Baghdad, according to the Sabereen News.

The Telegram channel said that the IQAF destroyed tunnels located 170 km away from Baghdad. ISIS cells were using the tunnels as hideouts.

The airstrikes were carried out by F-16 fighter jets armed with GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bombs. Many terrorists were reportedly killed as a result of the strikes.

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The Iraqi military and its allies stepped up their combat operations against ISIS recently. The following airstrikes were announced:

  • On March 25 and 26, IQAF warplanes carried out 19 airstrikes on caves and dens used by ISIS cells in the Hamrin Mountains, which are located on the administrative border between the provinces of Saladin and Kirkuk.

  • On April 1, the Iraqi army aviation destroyed three motorcycles, four hideouts, a tunnel, two water tanker and an electricity generator of ISIS cells in Saladin.

  • On April 2, US-led coalition warplanes destroyed two caves used by ISIS in the valley of Therthar Lake, killing two terrorists. The coalition also targeted two hideouts of the group in the town of Mutibijah in Saladin.

ISIS cells sustained serious losses as a result of the recent airstrikes by the Iraqi military and the US-led coalition. Yet, more should be done, especially on the ground and intelligence wise.


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