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Mali: Four UN Peacekeepers, Two Soldiers Killed In Two Separate Attacks (Photos)

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Mali: Four UN Peacekeepers, Two Soldiers Killed In Two Separate Attacks (Photos)

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On April 2, four UN peacekeepers and two Malian soldiers were killed and several others were injured in two separate terrorist attacks in Mali.

The peacekeepers were killed in a large attack by gunmen on base of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) in the eastern area of Kidal. According to a statement by the MINUSMA, the gunmen, who are yet to be identified, were heavily armed.

“Heavily armed terrorists carried out an attack in which four peacekeepers died and several others were wounded in Aguelhok in the Tessalit circle, Kidal region,” the statement reads.

According to UNUMSA force commander, Lt. Gen. Dennis Gyllensporre, several attackers were killed or wounded. Other were captured by peacekeepers, who also seized several vehicles and quantities of weapons.

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Cherif Mahamat Zene, Chad’s minister of communication, revealed that the four victims of the attack were all Chadian service members.

A separate attack in the central region of Mopti targeted a post of the Malian military. The army said that two soldiers were killed and ten others injured. The perpetrators of the attack were not identified.

The situation in Mali is still far from being stable. The 2013 French-led intervention and the UN mission have failed to end the insurgence the country. Several terrorist groups, including ISIS, are still active there.


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