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Weapon fighter su-57

Pair of su-57 in the air parade on 9 may 2018, Leading the machine (on the right) has two underwing pylons. Photo of the defense Ministry

Like any other fighter, advanced su-57 in the first place is a carrier of weapons. The main task of the aircraft is the delivery of aviation means of defeat (ASP) to the line of application with the subsequent defeat the purpose. Su-57 must deal with a broad range of aerial, ground and sea targets, which impose particular requirements for range weapons, as well as impact on aircraft design.

Aerial platform

In the development of "Prospective aviation complex of frontline aviation" was used as the development of ideas and new solutions. As an older fighter, su-57 has a built-in cannon and multiple nodes for the suspension of missile and bomb armament. For the first time in the domestic fighter used by the internal compartments to embed ASP.

Su-57 has got four bays for weapons. The two main are large and occupy most of the length of the fuselage. They are offered for transportation and discharge of larger weapons such as missiles "air-air" medium-and long-range, large caliber bombs and etc On the edges of the center section has two additional gruzootseke reduced volume, containing only one missile to the limited size. Bays are equipped with special ejection device that outputs a missile or a bomb outside of the airframe.

The AESA radar N036 "Protein". Photo Wikimedia Commons

Provides and external suspension. On the wing there are nodes for the installation of four removable pylons. A couple of similar devices is mounted under the engine nacelles. The use of external suspension allows you to increase the ammunition carried, however, degrades the performance of visibility.

According to various sources, the maximum combat load of the su-57 can reach 14-16 so In the past has repeatedly stated that the plane will be able to use existing weapons and promising models. Reference was made to the development of 14 new ASP different classes. Some of them to the present time became known, while others, apparently, are still under development.

The influx of the wing with the cannon hatches. Photo of the oak / the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation

The aircraft is equipped with developed sighting and navigation system of the circular review, is able to detect and track a large number of targets in the air and on the surface. In addition, the aircraft is highly maneuverable. All of these devices and the opportunities are actually meant for the effective application of ASP and combat missions.

Artillery weapons

As an embedded and permanent armament is a 30 mm automatic cannon 9А1 4071K (modernized version of the old and honored GSH-301). Gun with ammunition 150 rounds placed in the right wing of the influx. For improved aerodynamics and protection from radiation muzzle part of the gun has a movable cover.

The prototype demonstrates the bottom. See the shape of the hatches of the main gruzootsekah and protruding elements of the side. Photo Wikimedia Commons

Cannons have passed all the necessary checks on the stand and on the aircraft carrier. Recently, in free access got a video of the test firing of an airplane on the stand. Gun showed the required characteristics of precision and accuracy. Accordingly, the fighter is able to attack different targets with a high probability of defeat. The effectiveness of the guns is further increased thanks to modern sighting and navigation devices, systems, aircraft control and maneuverability.

For aerial targets

The main task of the su-57 is the interception of enemy aircraft and superiority in the air. To combat air targets should be applied missiles "air-air" of different types with a wide range of characteristics. Depending on the task, features of departure and other factors, missiles can be suspended in the inner compartments and under the wing.

Side Grotowski limited sizes are intended for placement of short-range missiles RVV-MD. In the main compartments can accommodate any weapons, including products of medium and long-range RVV-SD and RVV-BD. According to the known estimates in the two compartments, you can carry up to 8 missiles RVV-SD or 6 large or heavy RVV-BD.

Promising missiles "air-air". In the foreground the product RVV-BD, followed by RVV-SD. Photo Vitalykuzmin.net

Apparently, the nomenclature of ammunition "air-air" is not limited to these three products. The su-57 should be able apply all relevant missiles, including the old models. Furthermore, it is known about the development of new weapons, which in the future will complement and replace the current designs.

Using only missiles known types, su-57 is able to attack and successfully hit the aircraft and other aerial targets in a wide range of distances. So, missiles RVV-MD different modifications allow you to shoot at 20-40 km, and the range of products RVV-BD is stated at 400 km Prnk of the aircraft and the possibility of interaction with other funds of the armed forces allow to fully realize the potential of such weapons.


As a fighter-bomber, the su-57 is able to effectively attack ground targets using missile and bomb armament. Know about integration in the complex weapons of a number of managed ASP class "air-surface". Probably, the aircraft is able to use and unmanaged systems, and modern PRNG should provide the greatest possible accuracy and efficiency.

In open sources, it was reported about the ability of the su-57 can carry guided bombs caliber of up to 1500 kg Must be compatible with different means of guidance.

Missiles "air-surface" X-38МЛЭ. Photo Wikimedia Commons

Continues the development of missile systems. Modern and advanced tactical aircraft developed missiles "air-land", the X-38 in several versions with different principles of guidance and different combat units. In the recent past created a new modification of the Kh-58 to transport in the inner compartments. The expected emergence of new versions of existing missiles and innovative designs.

Weapons "air-surface" of existing types allows the su-57 to attack a variety of ground and surface targets. In the nomenclature of ammunition includes ASP, designed to destroy clusters of troops, command posts, various weapon systems, radio systems, etc. There are also anti-ship munitions. The range of lesions that are available to ASP varies from a few kilometers to the bombs of up to 200-250 km for missiles of the latest models.

Universal set

For obvious reasons, the main part of tactical and technical characteristics and combat capabilities of the su-57 are still classified. But with some regularity officially announced certain details, allowing you to gradually understand the big picture. To date, accumulated a sufficient amount of public data on the weapons complex of the su-57, which allows to draw some conclusions.

Su-57 will be able to manage UAVs "Hunter", also carrying weapons. Photo of the defense Ministry

The known range of weapons allows us to consider the su-57 as a full-fledged multi-purpose aviation complex, capable of solving a wide range of combat missions. There is a possibility of air combat at any distance to intercept or superiority. The aircraft can attack a variety of ground and surface targets. While simultaneous suspension of weapons of different classes for a single combat sortie.

Obviously, the development of "Prospective aviation complex of frontline aviation" will continue, including through the development and adoption of new models of ASP. They will complement or replace existing weapons with a clear positive implications for the overall combat capabilities of the aircraft. In addition, in the foreseeable future, the su-57 will be supplemented by heavy UAV S-70 "Hunter", able to carry weapons, and the work of teams of the aircraft.

Thus, the serial su-57 for combat units initially will be of the highest level of combat potential, but as you continue it will only grow. Unfortunately, the latest fighter has not yet had time to reach a full service, but it is now clear what would be the future of these aircraft and their weapons.

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