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Eleven Killed Or Injured In New Round Of Infighting In Turkish-Occupied Afrin (Video)


Eleven Killed Or Injured In New Round Of Infighting In Turkish-Occupied Afrin (Video)

Meet the former US-supported FSA, now Turkish-backed FSA, who are committing the same war crimes in Syria they’ve been for years.

Late on March 27, heavy clashes broke out between Turkish-backed militants in the occupied Syrian area of Afrin in northern Aleppo.

Militants of the Hamza Division clashed with a group which recently defected from the division and joined the al-Sham Corps. The causes of the clashes are yet to be revealed, but they were reportedly personal.

The clashes erupted in the district of Bassouta and later spread out to reach the nearby villages of Burj Bdalu, Kafr Zait and Ayn Dara.

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Following an intervention by the “Military Police,” a law enforcement body backed by Turkey, and the so-called “Joint Rights Restitution Committee,” the clashes came to an end. The Hamza Division and al-Sham Corps, both factions of the National Syrian Army, reached a settlement.

According to the London-Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a militant of the al-Sham Corps was killed. Ten other militants from both sides were injured.

Turkish-backed factions clash with each other in the occupied parts of northern and northeastern Syria on a regular basis. Despite having full control of these factions, Ankara takes no action to stop them from killed each other.



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