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Commander Alipour remarks regarding Behsud developments

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Tuesday, 23 March 2021 - 19:36

ISWNews Analysis Group: Commander of Behsud popular forces rejecting the responsibility of shooting down the Afghan army helicopter rejected having any connections with foreign countries.

The summary of commander Alipour remarks:
– In the footage you see a missile hit the helicopter from the sky and we don’t have such system. If we shot it down, the missile had to launch from ground.
– Sending 100 tanks is not to arrest me, it’s declaring war to people.
– One woman martyred, another wounded severely and several men and children wounded.
– We don’t have any request from central government since it didn’t answer the people’s request. We asked the international community to be neutral and not interfere in our domestic affairs.
– We are not in contact with any foreign countries and no documents about it.
– Our expectations from politicians and leaders is to not be indifferent about people’s fates and stand beside them.
– Our message to the people is to be ready and know about their fate and lives, otherwise there will be a dark fate in front of them.

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