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Ukraine-Turkey Cooperation and Offensive Preparations


Ukraine-Turkey Cooperation and Offensive Preparations


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Large Ukrainian force against the pro-Russians

Information about the Turkish presence in Ukraine has been widely circulated for a long time, now Russian social networks claim that this presence was widely expanded and may become a trigger for the developments in Eastern Ukraine.

Russian sources report the imminent presence of Turkish commandos, who will train their Ukrainian counterparts to conduct military operations in populated areas in the so-called civil war, which is one of the most specialized and “difficult” chapters of modern warfare.

Sources cite Turkish-Ukrainian defense co-operation, stressing that Turks and Ukrainians already have close ties in many other areas, such as the BAYRAKTAR unmanned aerial vehicle supply, for example.

“At the end of May this year, Turkish military experts will arrive in Ukraine to conduct a series of trainings for Ukrainian military personnel on conducting Close Quarter Battle (CQB) in urban areas by mid-July.” – said Katehon center, citing Svarschiki telegram account.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian generals were very interested in the experience of the Turkish army gained during the war in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Among the Turkish officers, there will be participants in the recent 44-day war in Nagorno-Karabakh,” say Russian sources, and that tells us a lot.

It is estimated that the Turks will send as trainers to the Ukrainians its Special Forces personnel with extensive military experience in southern Turkey and Syria, while they will also send officers with experience from the war between the Azerbaijani and Armenians.

InfoBRICS: Turkey has become the main instigator of a possible war between Ukraine and Russia

The InfoBrics portal states that Ankara does not recognize the Russian status of Crimea, calling the events in 2014 “illegal annexation of Crimea”. At the same time, the Turkish side is establishing important military-technical cooperation with Kiev. So, on March 14th, military cargo from Turkey was delivered to Ukraine by at least two planes.

It is noted that Ankara and Kiev were gradually creating an alliance, Turkey has become the main instigator of Ukraine’s war against the Russian Federation. The InfoBrics publication, cited by Reporter, predicts that Ukraine, with Turkey’s support, may launch a new offensive against the pro-Russian-oriented republics of Donbass .

As it was reported earlier this week, Kiev expert Oleg Zhdanov predicted “another thrashing” this spring in the conflict zone in Donbass.

Ukraine-Turkey Cooperation and Offensive Preparations

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Turkish officers are definitely involved in any plans of the Ukrainian General Staff for Donetsk and Crimea, while there is also an exchange of military information.

The presence of Turkish advisers, i.e. officers in Ukraine under the pretext of BAYRAKTAR and their involvement in staff plans goes “package” with military information.

This attitude has angered the Kremlin, especially the Russian military leadership, which, along with the conservative faction, is calling on Putin to take action, while at the same time appearing in the Russian press articles talking about the next Russian president.

Ukraine-Turkey Cooperation and Offensive Preparations

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The continuous transfer of Ukrainian forces to the border with the pro-Russians

Despite the calm, the Ukrainian armed forces continue to transport military equipment to Donetsk.

A Russian news source (Avia.pro) reports that the Ukrainian armed forces continue to transport armored vehicles and various weapons to Donetsk, indicating that the military operation against the Russian-speakers is still in preparation.

According to the latest information, in recent days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have transferred to the line of contact 8 additional anti-aircraft missile systems, 26 tanks and other heavy weapons intended for large-scale military operation in the region.

Ukrainian offensive preparations

All armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as other weapons, were transported to Donetsk by train.

According to updated information, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have in the area about 90000 soldiers, 450 tanks and 230 artillery systems (self-propelled and trailer) as well as surface-to-surface missiles.

These movements of the Ukrainians are clear indications of the coming military operations, probably in summer, a period that  has all the conditions  for possible hostilities, according to the Ukrainian side, while the Ukrainian army is currently … preparing.



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